“Hi, I was working on my laptop and decided to play a game and then my laptop suddenly turned off. I then realized that my laptop crashed and was somehow able to reboot it again and that was when I realized that I’ve lost all data from it. So, my question is, is it possible to recover data from crashed laptop and restore it back again?”

Losing data to computer crashes is not a new issue. There are thousands of users who face system crashes and lose all their data off their hard drive. The best remedy is to carry a backup and have it saved to a safe drive elsewhere.

You might never know when your laptop may crash and cause data to be lost as a result of it. To overcome this, laptop users are highly advised to carry data backups regularly. But however, you now data recovery software’s that are designed to carry out crashed laptop data recovery in a fast and secure manner.

If you still have no idea about how to recover data from crashed laptop, then watch the below linked video that shows how you can perform crashed laptop data recovery in just a few easy steps:

As you can see in the above linked video, it is just a matter of few mouse clicks to recover data from a crashed laptop and restore the data back. A laptop is usually equipped with a hard drive not less than 500GB in size so the data loss can be really bad if the user had no backup. But however, you never have to worry about it since you have a data recovery software that is specifically designed for this task.

When you realize that you’ve faced with a crashed laptop scenario, there are a few things that you need to know beforehand. Whenever you lose data from a laptop due to system crash, all the lost data will remain in the laptops hard drive and will remain there as long as the data is not overwritten. Data gets overwritten only when new data is written to a drive from which data was already lost. So, if you proceed to install different recovery software in hopes of recovering data from your laptop then you’ll ultimately end up overwriting all the data from your laptop that you were supposed to recover from your hard drive. So, it is highly recommended to stop installing any software on your crashed laptop and instead get the best crashed laptop data recovery software like the one employed in the tutorial linked above.


Here are a few features that I found really useful in the above tool:

  • It can recover data from crashed laptop of any brand.
  • Supports to recover data from any hard drive brand or size installed on your laptop.
  • Can save the recovered data to a safe folder back on your computer.
  • You can recover data from any crashed laptop that is running on any version of Windows OS.

There are sometimes occasions that demand you to format the partition on your computer’s hard drive. In such situations, you will not be left with any options of taking data backup or retrieving any information from that partition. You may assume, in such circumstances that, all data is permanently gone forever. But this is not the fact – there are still great possibilities that you can get back all of your data after partition format. Read on to know more about the cause for data loss on hard drives and the method to recover files from formatted hard drive and partition.

Some situations that can cause data loss on a hard disk partition on a large scale:

  • Viruses and malwares: If your hard disk drive partition get severely contaminated with such harmful programs and is not fixed in due time, it may result in the drive getting inaccessible as a whole
  • The hard disk drive volume can get lost or damaged due to some known /unknown errors in the logical structure of the hard disk partition, demanding one or more of its partitions to be formatted, ultimately causing data loss
  • Complications in the header file of the hard disk partition due to any unknown or accidental factors such as MBR corruption, software impacts, etc. may cause the hard drive partition to turn inaccessible or lost
  • A hard disk partition can get corrupted or damaged due to getting a large amount of bad sectors or due to RAM errors on it, resulting in total data loss

These are few of the most noted aspects that can give rise to various errors in flash drives, resulting in data loss.

Recover files after partition format the reliable way – By using Remo Recover:

When users have some really important files on a partition which they cannot afford to lose, and are suffering from any data loss scenarios, this tool is like a saviour for them. Remo Recover partition restoration tool is the best option anyone can avail among any other file restoring apps. It is a powerful and reliable formatted partition recovery utility and is recommended for use by most professional users across the world. You can use this tool to retrieve all data from hard drive partitions that are formatted, no matter if they are external storage devices, flash storage devices or hard disks of computers.

Few important benefits of using Remo Recover tool are as follows:

  • Remo Recover tool is a complete partition retrieval solution as it enables you to perform data recovery on almost all occasions of data loss / deletion on all Windows OS running computers
  • Any basic user of Windows PC can operate this application on order to conveniently recover data after partition format due to simple and interactive interface of the software
  • The demo version of Remo Recover application is entirely free of cost to use for all users which lets you scan, detect and view all recoverable contents prior to saving them back to any location of your choice

Here are some of the most probable actions leading to data loss / file deletion on external / internal Mac hard disk drives. Go through them before we begin to efficiently restore entire hard drive contents that are lost or deleted due to occurrence of any of the below mentioned or similar unfortunate events.

Most likely actions leading to data loss / file deletion on hard drives are:

  • Unintended or intentional data erasure – This particular action is one of the most frequently occurring situations faced by various users across all computing platforms. If any of the important contents are accidentally removed from external hard disk drives, this action cannot be reversed without any aid of an external source
  • Formatting / reformatting the external hard drives – One may feel the need to reformat or format his external hard disk drive due to any reasons. Formatting a hard drive will permanently erase entire hard drive contents
  • Facing power related problems – If the hard drive is undergoing frequent and unexpected power failures or outages while accessing data from it, there will be a huge risk of losing or damaging files from that hard drive due to device malfunction / damage
  • Damage caused by viruses / malwares – If an external hard drive is contaminated with viruses or malwares in a large scale, it can cause catastrophic damage to all the data present on that device including file deletion, corruption, damage, etc.

Performing hard drive recovery – Recovering entire hard drive contents:

External hard disk drives are a fantastic means for storing, accessing and transferring data across all computing platforms but they are a set of limitations too. The latest versions of external hard drives are sophisticated devices which require appropriate care and maintenance. Once the hard drive gets corrupted or if it malfunctions due to any issues as discussed, it can result in file deletion or corruption. You will have to perform hard drive data recovery using a reliable and efficient data recovery tool such as Remo Recover.

Regardless of the reasons which are accountable for causing data to turn inaccessible, get deleted or lost from your external hard drive, you can recover all its deleted or lost contents from it using a renowned data recovery software like Remo Recover. Read on to know how.

Using Remo Recover for recovering entire hard drive data:

One can now effectively retrieve entire external hard drive contents that are deleted or are missing with the help of Remo Recover tool. It is a renowned and powerful data recovery utility designed to effectively recover external / internal storage drive data with ease. This application shall invariably help you in retrieving all erased, lost or inaccessible items irrespective of the action that has caused data loss on it.

This software provides an easy to use and bother free operation allowing all home as well as pro users to perform data restoration on all hard drives with ease.

Today we do have hard drives available from many brands in the market and in that, Panasonic too has its own set of hard drives. The Panasonic hard drives come with somewhat more stability over physical damage scenarios in comparison with others as the Panasonic’s rugged devices were needed to be very stable over physical actions like vibration, falling cases, etc.

Even from the toughest Panasonic hard drives you may lose your data due to some circumstances such as errors while partitioning the Panasonic hard drive due to power failure, etc., your file system may get corrupted and you may lose your data from it. If these are one of the situations you are in now, then you can go for Remo recovery tool in order to recover Panasonic hard drive data.

Scenarios of data loss on Panasonic hard drives:

There are several reasons that can cause data loss on Panasonic hard drives and some of the example scenarios are listed below:

  • While making cut paste operations: Assume you are moving your data from one drive to another by using cut paste operations, and in that process if any error occurs while a file is cut then you may lose the data
  • By using third party applications: Sometimes you may use any third party applications to partition your hard drive. If any errors occur by the third party tool causing partitioning failure. Or any other issue then obviously you will lose data
  • Defragmentation failure: While defragmentation, all your data will be brought continuously at one side by removing all free spaces between files. At this time, if any error happens due to power surge or any other reason then there will be data loss
  • Accidental file deletion: Sometimes, while you are deleting some junk data, you may accidentally delete some important files along with the junk data

 Remo Recover tool’s appealing features:

  • Anyone can easily download and install the application on your system. The application is available for all Windows versions including Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows XP, etc. and Mac OS versions including Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Lion, Mac Mountain Lion, Leopard, etc.
  • Doesn’t matter if data is lost or deleted as you can recover data with just few easy clicks using the powerful search engine of the software
  • As Remo Recover has GUI based simple user interface and provides well directed guidance with step by step procedure, you need not be a technician or a professional user to use this software
  • It supports data recovery on different types of external media storage devices including SATA, SCSI, SD cards, pen drives, USB sticks, etc.
  • You can recover deleted or lost data from your Panasonic hard drive which may be formatted with any file systems including NTFS, HFS, FAT, HFSX, etc.
  • You can recover data from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 formatted or reformatted partitions and even from deleted partitions as well
  • Remo Recover can restore entire hard drive data quickly
  • Demo version of this tool allows you to scan and see all recovered files after recovery process. If you are satisfied with the search results, you can go for the full version of Remo Recover

Get Back Data from Unallocated Drive

Despite the fact that computer is utilized for many operations like making new documents, files, PPts, accessing internet and so on. Hard drive is one of the essential component on any Windows system as it will be used store all kinds of data present on computer. It is one of the primary storage device that can store different file sorts like audio, video, pictures and other interactive media records safely. Since, all the records are saved on hard drive, it can be isolated into fragments called partitions. Sometimes, these drive become inaccessible because of eccentric circumstances like increased number of bad sectors, unsecured information and so on.

What are the regular situations that make drive unallocated?

Untrusted Third Party Tools – When you want to create new segments or resize the current partition on hard drive, third party tools will be utilized. During this methodology, if there are any ill-advised methods carried out by third party tool will make drive unallocated.

Human Blunders – As all the files created on Windows system of course get saved on hard drive. It is common that hard drive will be utilized many times to access information, alter, erase undesirable ones and so forth. In such circumstances, if system shut downs suddenly because of sudden power failure leads to unallocated drive.

Unpredictable Conditions – Hard drive corruption, file system corruption, malware diseases, partition error and so on are some of the other reasons that are responsible for unallocated drive on Windows system.

Is it sounding like your issue!!! Don’t worry you are in the right page to know how to recover data from undetected hard drive. To do so simply install and run one of the best software called Remo Recover. This device can get back data from unallocated drive successfully inside less compass of time.

Why only Remo Recover?

It is non-destructive read only software that won’t modify the original data while performing unallocated drive data recovery. This product is planned with straightforward GUI interface to help new, non technical users to introduce and run effectively. Overall, one of the dependable, secured, safe recovery tool that guarantees 100% data recovery rate.

Salient features of Remo Recover to restore data from unallocated drive

Remo Recover is a perfect recovery tool that can be utilized to retrieve data from undetected drive inside few straightforward steps. It can scan the whole drive in few minutes utilizing progressed recovery mechanisms to get back data from unallocated drive at the soonest. Recovery of data from external storage devices like pen drives, thumb drives, memory cards and so forth can be accomplished. With the assistance of a option called Disk image, makes pictures on hard drive containing bad sectors, so information can be recovered effortlessly in later stage. This product can be introduced on different versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003 to perform recovery of data fromunallocated driveas soon as possible. Check out this site that gives more data about the situations that makes drive unallocated. Demo version is available for users, to check the productivity of software ahead of time before purchasing it.