After several months of build-up and testing, iOS 11 came up with new features. Well, here are the new things you can do in iOS 11 that couldn’t be done before.

Note: iOS 11 works on 64-bit devices like iPhone 5S or newer, fifth-generation iPad, iPad mini 2, iPad Pro, or newer, or sixth generation iPod. However, the iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, and iPad 4 cannot be updated to use these features.

  • You can get started quickly

Automatic Setup option is available with this new arrival. So, if you have another iOS 11 device around then you can hold it near your new iOS 11 and sync over preferences, iCloud settings, passwords, and much more.

  • Locate apps easily: The app store comes with the new look which is better than previous one. Also, there is a separate Games tab with this new update and it’s adding the how-to guide, lists to the mix and so on.
  • Siri lets you get music and translates: With Siri, now it’s possible to translate in iOS 11 and you can follow the language as required by you. Also, Siri act as a personal DJ so you can tell it to play music as per your choice through Apple Music by telling “Play something which I like”.
  • You can request to Siri by Typing: Rather than speaking you can now type your request to Siri. For this, go to General > Accessibility>Siri in Settings>turn on Type to Siri.
  • Facilitates more option with your Live Photos: With this facility, you can turn mini video clips into loops, you can bounce them back and even forth Instagram style or even create long exposure effect. To see the new options, you need to open a Live Photo in Photos app and swipe up to select your choices accordingly. You can even do a lot of things with your normal photos as it comes with lots of filters. Just tap the color blobs and see them whether you can frame a shot or edit it.
  • You can scan QR codes: Some minor upgrades come with the camera which includes LED flash support for Portrait shots. Also, it includes the ability to scan QR codes without any additional app. For this, go to all-new then separate Camera menu in the iOS 11 Settings and turn the feature on and start scanning.
  • Let’s you to annotate screenshots: As you snap a screenshot in iOS 11, you will get a little thumbnail in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. This can be used to add some text or scribbles before saving it
  • Makes you stay focus while driving: This new update automatically activates your phone’s Do Not Disturb mode while driving and even messages your contacts that you’re on the road. To make it work manually or when a Bluetooth stereo gets connected, go to Settings and opt for Do Not Disturb.
  • Apple Pencil lets you do more: With the Apple, Pencil move along your iPad and get access to few tricks such as to add annotations to PDFs, screenshots. Just start drawing and takes notes by tapping the lock screen with this Pencil.
  •   You can scan and sign documents on iPad: With this, you can scan the document and even lets you crop an image process. Also, lets you add the signature with the Apple Pencil before saving.
  •   Make use of new iPad dock: This new iOS 11 feature comes with the Mac-style dock at the bottom or side of your screen. You can use it to launch apps or to change the window arrangement, switch between the apps and so on. To do this, tap and drag an app or folder icon to add to the dock.

In most of the cases, it is found that no one cares about the external hard drive until something goes wrong. But it is good to take care of portable external hard drive so as to avoid hard drive failure. Let’s see few points to know how to prevent external hard drive failure:

Run CHKDSK: It is the most useful in-built tool in Windows to fix the errors in external hard drive. You just need to Run check disk. In order to run CHKDSK, follow given steps:

  1. Open Command Prompt on your computer.
  2. Type chkdsk C: /f where you can change drive according to choice
  3. Then the error is automatically fixed with the CHKDSK

Back Up: The external drives are prone to various data loss issues. Hence, it is important to backup all files before deletion or loss. In case of any disaster, you can easily replace the deleted or lost files of hard drive with the new ones.


Defragmentation is a process to minimize the amount of fragmentation while maintaining file system. Windows operating system allocates available open space for new programs or files which may decreases the speed and performance of external hard drive. So, it is worth to do defragmentation once in a month and increase the overall performance of hard drive.

Deletion of Temporary Files

Several programs and even Windows leave a sign of temporary files in the hard drive. It is a good step to remove all the temporary files from hard drive which is taking up space.

External Hard Drive Security

It is a prevention step to keep external hard drive more secure. Always keep your external drive in a safe place so that no one can get access of your data. Most of the users keep their useful data in external hard drive as a backup but neglect the security. In such cases, anyone can get access of your data easily.

External Hard Drive Cable Maintenance:

Make sure that external hard drive’s cable is not having lose connection. If it happens then it means that the external hard drive might have disconnected in the middle of file transfer which leads to data loss. Use short cables to improve the performance of external hard drive because with the short cables you are able to transfer files with high speed and performance.

Few details about NTFS:

NTFS is the modern file system, when you install the Windows; it formats all your drive to NTFS format because Windows likes to be NTFS. NTFS has some partition size limit and also the file size limit which is theoretical large and you won’t run against them. NTFS has some modern features which is not present in FAT32 and also NTFS supports the change journal which help you to do recover when your computer gets crashes, file permission for security, hard links and some other features. NTFS works on all editions of Windows OS but perform read only in Mac and some Linux by default.

Few information about FAT32:

FAT 32 is the oldest file system among the NTFS and EXFAT for Windows, itreplace the FAT16 which was used in MSDOS to FAT32 in Windows 95. The file size in FAT32 drive should not be more than 4 GB but the FAT32 partition should be less than 8 TB. This is compactable on all editions of Windows, Mac, game consoles and Linux. You can also recover deleted files FAT32 free on your system.

In 2001 the internal drive of the Windows XP started using NTFS as default but in some removable drive like Pen Drive, USB flash drive and so on still using FAT32.

Problem with the FAT32:

Microsoft started using NTFS as file system instead of FAT32 to improve it in many ways. Let us discuss the problems occurred in FAT32 and how NTFS solve them.

FAT32 supports only 4GB individual files and 2TB partition drive, if you have the file size more than 4GB then you cannot able to save those files on FAT32 drive or if you have volume more than 2TB then you cannot able to format that drive. Instead of using FAT32 it is better to use NTFS because it has more size limit.

FAT32 might get corrupted easily on your system as it is not a journaling file system. Whereas NTFS is better file system because when writing on file if system gets turn off then you can easily recovery them.

These are some reason why Windows uses NTFS as the partition. NTFS is more robust, secure and also supports large size limit.

These are not problems for removable drives, above mentions problems are not really matters for USB drive and SD Cards.

Your USB drive or SD card will be less than 4GB so that you need not to be worried about the higher file size. Your removable drive does not need journaling file system. The journaling results in additional writers which reduces life of the drive.

In present days you can buy the storage drive which is more than 2TB but it comes with NTFS file system format in default so that we can store full amount of storage in single partition.

MS Outlook is mainly used for email conversation and also for personal management information. It is generally the part of MS Office suit application even though we can purchase the MS Outlook software as single tool. MS Outlook is used for storing, receiving and sending emails and it is called as personal management information because we can save the Outlook items like email, task, calendar, contacts and other items. MS Outlook is connected with the server so that we can maintain many accounts and each changes performed in Outlook gets saved in Exchange server. Outlook application has the ability to get connected with the mobile devices.

MS Outlook application saves the files like emails conversation, task, calendar and some more in Outlook data files. An MS Outlook data file is divided into two types, OST file and PST file.

OST file: OST (Offline Storage Tables) is the offline folder which is created by the MS Outlook program and MS Exchange server which saves the offline copy of the content available in look MS Outlook Exchange server. Whenever the changes some content in Outlook then it gets changed in Offline folder later when the MS Outlook gets connected network then changes get upgraded to MS Exchange server. In Some case we can’t able to open the content present in OST file due to some reason like corruption, damage or virus attract on your OST file but we can access those OST file by converting the file to PST and then easily access to the content of OST file on your computer. If you face any issue then we can use best tool to convert OST to PST software free.

PST file: Also described as Personal Folder File (PST) file is one more Outlook data files which saves the email conversation and other contents of MS Outlook on your system. Outlook PST file items can be archive or moved to another PST file, because each file has size limit, when your Outlook PST file size limit gets exceed then your Outlook application gets slow so you need to move the PST file files to other newly created PST file on your pc.

We can easily merge the OST file and PST file by making use of some third party tool. When your Outlook OST file gets corrupted or damaged then you cannot able to access the items present in OST file at that situation we can convert those Outlook OST file to PST and access the OST file easily. It is also know an merging of OST file to PST to perform this we need to use the best conversion tool on your system like Remo Convert OST to PST software which is compactable on all versions of Windows and Mac OS X.

When you are using Computer to perform some operation then obviously you come up with some common issues of the computer, then you face a problem to perform an operation on the system. Here we are explaining some 10 common computer disasters which cause problems to the user. Many problems of the system have a simple solution, if you find and fix the issues then you can save more time and money.

Common problems occurred on the computer are:

  1. Computer fails to start:

When you try to turn on the system it won’t gets ON, then try to check whether the system has correctly plug-in to the power supply.

  1. Hard drive failure:

Usually, all the files, OS, tools get saved on your computer hard drive, sometimes due to some issue in your hard drive gets the data and application present in hard drive gets deleted or lost then using some advanced data recovery for Windows and retrieve all the lost or deleted data from Hard drive

  1. The monitor screen is blank:

When you turn on the system, the CPU is running but the monitor screen is blank. Then you need to check whether the connection between the CPU and monitor is correct and also monitor has been connected to the power supply.

  1. The computer is affected with virus:

When you connect your computer with external storage devices like Pen Drive which contain harmful programs like malware or virus then it infects the entire system and files and tool gets damage and corrupted because of this virus issue, so you need to install the system with Antivirus program.

  1. Computer fans won’t work:

When your system performing the operation then it gets heated so to cool down the CPU / system, a computer includes a fan. Sometimes it the fan makes noisy which is annoying, even if the fan is working your system gets headed. The solution is to clean the dust present in the fan or change the fan of your system.

  1. Windows OS gets crash every time:

When your system gets affected with a harmful virus or in you won’t install the Operating System correctly on your system then your Windows OS keep on getting the crash or it takes more time to load the things.

  1. USB port won’t detect the plug-in devices:

When your computer USB drive has not been installed correctly on your system then whenever you connect some external device to USB port then it will not get detected so install the computer with the proper driver.

  1. The Internet is very slow:

When you browse the things through internet then cookies and cache being added in a browser when it gets high then your internet gets slow so you need to clean the cache frequently on your system.

  1. Unable to connect to the internet:

When you connect the internet cable to the computer, you won’t get connected to the internet and then you need to check the internet cable port of system or change the cable.

  1. Windows boot problem:

If you are facing problems with the booting then you need to reinstall with Windows recovery disk on your computer.

Most of the business people, as well as common users, take necessary steps to back up their important data from their computers but still end up in losing their crucial data files from their PCs. This is because they are unaware of the simple ways by which data can be destroyed.

Now, let us know what are all the possible causes behind data loss from users’ desktops or laptops one by one in detail and how to prevent them?

Forgetting or failing to take data backup:

One of the most likely reason due to which many companies lose their data is they don’t have in place sound backup procedures. It includes both physical and cloud-based storage procedures. Actually, these two storage data backups are extensively inexpensive, when compared to the possible harm from losing data.

It is always better to use multiple types of data backups that are automated. It is not good to expect employees to take data backup on their own, instead, you have to institute automation, which takes any choice out of the equation.

Cloud data backups will protect all your data across all devices help employees from storing the data on their own laptops, pen drives, or other storage devices. Companies can lower their risks as theft or loss of the devices by removing these devices and implementing cloud data backup concept.

Failure of hard disk drives:

Lost File RecoverIn spite of cost-effectiveness and prevalence of cloud data storage, most of the employees and business people still produce and store their information on their local machines only. And the computer hard drives can crash and may fail at any time that leads to huge amount of data loss, if not backed up with cloud storage concept. Major setbacks for the failure or crash of hard disk drive is that power supply malfunction, usage of the same old hard drive, as the aged hard drive can fail at any time, etc.

However, one need not be panicked, when data loss happens due to many reasons. Because, by using the free download data recovery software from Remo, it is possible to recover the lost or deleted information files from any machines in a hassle-free manner. This software works well after all data loss scenarios happened on your computer. Apart from the above-explained two factors, there are some other frequently occurred reasons behind data loss, which you can see below


One should be aware of hackers, because if the hackers gain entry to your system through email or by guessing uncomplicated passwords, then they often utilize ransomware that involves containing data hostage by encrypting it and allowing the company to extract data if and only if the ransom is paid. You can lose your valuable data in such actions wherein the hackers find buyers for the actual data or else they destroy the data even after ransom money goes through.

Neglecting protocols of standard security:

In spite of warnings about security breaches, most of the companies and employees still take a lax approach for security protocols. Let us take an instance, where users still click on banner ads or email attachments from unknown senders, with both actions providing a possible conduit for hackers. Usage of poor password procedures, like using “123456” instead of using more complex password procedures for your emails application or computer can ease for hackers to steal all your confidential data.

Besides the explained four data loss scenarios, there are plenty of other factors behind data loss, and few are mentioned below:

  1. Severe virus threats can affect the machines, which do not have proper anti-virus protections
  2. Operating system malfunctioning
  3. Usage of advanced settings and adjustments without proper knowledge
  4. Formatting or reformatting the machine without having proper data backup

However, as said earlier, whatever may be the reasons behind data loss, one can make take the assistance of professional data recovery software from Remo to bring back all your lost or deleted files with much ease.

Technology is ruling everywhere in these days, and so in the world of communication, its impact is higher. Nowadays, due to advancement in technology, email is not the only way for sharing files with friends, and others. One can tweak the Windows 10 ‘Send to’ feature to add more programs. Now, let us take real time instance of how technology has impact on email client application like Outlook

“Last year, after following the advice, I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. With the exception of Microsoft Outlook (which I hate), I am happy that I made to switch, Thank you. My query now is: When I right click on a document file, there is a drop down window with all sorts of commands including “Send to.” One of the choices is “Mail Recipient.” However, the only choice is Windows Live Mail that no longer works on my computer since the upgrade. This was a convenient feature with Windows Live Mail that would open a new email window. Now, can I add Outlook to the list and how to do it? Or else, is this the other bad features of MS Outlook?” – Mary Romano, Centennial

Well, in spite of hating Outlook, you want to add it back as an option. I won’t dwell on that. Now, let us take a look at that nifty “Send to” feature. Just right click on any file, and a menu appears, which lets you to send the file in a variety of ways – Via email, fax, Bluetooth device, etc.

Now, first let us check your default apps.

  1. First Type ‘default apps” in the Window search bar.
  2. Now, a window will open showing what are all the Apps is open for email, maps, calendar, etc.
  3. Now, if you don’t like the current default, then reset your email at this point

Then, check your default programs by following below mentioned procedure:

  1. Just open the control panel, then find “programs” and choose “Default Programs”
  2. It gives you four more places to tweak your default programs that open. If you select “Default Programs”, then scroll down till you find “Outlook”
  3. Then, you will see the options of “Set this program as default” and “Choose defaults for this program”
  4. Then, you need to follow the on-screen guide to make Outlook as default email program

But now, getting back to the “Send to” feature, you can even add or remove ways to send a file for your friend. Here is a simplest way to add more program options:

  1. Hit Windows button and “R” at the same time to open Windows Run command
  2. Now, Type “shell:sendto”
  3. Now, a window will open with all options of where you can send the file
  4. Do not see the program that you want? Find the original file, create shortcut and drag the shortcut to this folder
  5. If you want to find Microsoft Outlook, you need to hunt for the software by typing “Outlook.exe” in the Windows search bar. It should now show up but instead of clicking the name immediately (which opens the program), just right click it to find its location
  6. Now, create a shortcut by right clicking the file again. You will see the menu option of “Create shortcut”. Do that, and drag the new shortcut to the “Send to” folder.

Now, you can try it. Find the photo, document, or the other files that you want to share with your friend via Outlook. Right click and find the “Send to” and pick the new sharing feature

India’s Space Agency, Indian Space Research Organization is going to launch a world record of 103 satellites – all but three of them foreign – at one go on a single in the first week of February 2017, in what will be a major feat not attempted by any country. As India is looking to grab a larger slice of the lucrative commercial market, 100 out of 103 satellites set for launch by ISRO’s workhorse rocket PSLV-C37 in February from its Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh belong to foreign nations that include US and Germany

“We are making a century by launching more than 100 satellites at a time,” says S.Somanath, Director of the Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre of the Indian Space Research Organization, told a plenary session on the second day of the ongoing Indian Science Congress here today. The space agency, earlier had planned a launch of 83 satellites in the last week of January, out of which 80 were foreign ones. But, with the addition of 20 more foreign satellites, the launch was delayed and postponed to first week of February, Somanath said

PSLV-C36 Mission to launch the ResourceSat-2A on December 7th was the last ISRO mission. This launch had no other co-passenger satellites as the orbit of the ResourceSat-2A was at a higher altitude than the orbits used by microsatellites and cubesats. There won’t be any other PSLV launches till the PSLV-C37 launch in February 2017

Somanath, did not specify the number of countries participating in the launching of its satellites in this mission, but said it includes nations like Germany and United States. “These will be 100 micro-small satellites that will be launched using PSLV-C37. The weight of the payload will be estimated 1350 Kgs, of which 500 to 600 Kgs will be the weight of the satellite,” Mr. Somanath added. Its updated payload was said to be 1,600 Kg in the starting plan of launching 83 satellites

PSLV-C37 mission would likely see the PSLV rocket in the XL configuration, with six additional strap on boosters. In fact, the first ISRO mission to beam back footage of the launch and satellite deployment from on board cameras was the PSLV-C36 mission. If on-board cameras are on the PSLV-C37 mission as well, space enthusiasts can expect exciting footage of the take-off and deployment of satellites in space

This launch will be a major feat in the history of country’s space history, as no exercise on this scale has been attempted ever before. ISRO has launched a total of 33 satellites on PSLV rockets in 2016. Among these, 20 were launched in PSLV-C34 mission. This would put into perspective how ambitious a single launch of over a hundred satellites at a time is. Every details of the satellites are not likely to be revealed before launch because of non-disclosure agreements that ISRO has signed with foreign companies.

Till now, the maximum number of satellites launched under a single mission is 37, a record that Russia set in 2014. The United Space Agency, NASA launched 29 satellites at a time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pet South Asian satellite project, meanwhile, is going to take-off in March, 2017

South Asian satellite will be a part of GSAT-9 that will be launched in March 2017, M. Nageshwara Rao, Associate Director of ISRO have said. The communication satellite would have been launched in December 2016, but was delayed slightly as some other satellites are to be launched before that. The sources has said that talks with Afghanistan to have the country on-board for the project is in its final stages.

Earlier, the project was known as SAARC satellite, to envisage as a gift to its neighbours, faced stiff resistance from Pakistan. The neighbouring country wanted it to be launched under the aegis of South Asian regional forum, but later it backed out of the project. Apart from India, the other benefiters of the satellite are Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, and Bhutan

As for the Mobile itself, it marks Microsoft’s daring initiative to supply one OS to be used on platforms as numerous as a smartphone, tablet, and laptop computer ore. The free app, that ought to arrive within the Windows Store within the returning days, “brings along the convenience of Dropbox with nice Windows ten options like Windows salutation, Live Tiles, and Notifications,” Dropbox aforesaid in a very statement.

Windows 10 users even have the choice of putting in the Dropboxdesktop shopper, however it lacks Windows 10-specific options. “Unless you recognize the precise name of my app, you will not notice it. you’ll find any of the keywords my apps have in their title, description or maybe within the list of keywords submitted to the shop, and it will not list my apps”, he explained.

Other gimmicks amongst others embrace fast Search that facilitates the file looking procedure, by holding users to easily begin writing while not clicking or sound the search icon to receive results.

For instance, with Windows salutation, you’ll use your face, fingerprint, or iris to unlock your Dropbox, rather than your parole, for else security.

The app ought to additionally assist you a lot of quickly access recent files: simply right-click on the Dropbox app icon in your taskbar, and voila. After you wish to maneuver or copy a file to Dropbox, you’ll currently simply drag and drop it from Windows File adventurer. Inside the app, you’ll additionally drag and drop files to maneuver them between folders — another handy feature which will prevent a while and energy. You’ll additionally currently add comments directly on files, and embrace others within the discussion with @mentions.

The latest integration suggests that Windows ten users will drag and drop files between folders inside the app, or from Windows File adventurer and into the app. However, within the video, a kickstand wasn’t seen, that left several confused as they expected the Microsoft Surface Phone to own one which can enable it to be used as a pill and a phone.

It additionally has interactive notifications for invites to shared folders that enable those invites to be accepted or rejected from the notification itself.

At least one in every of them says true is thus dangerous, he thinks nobody should write new Windows ten apps.

Searching ought to additionally currently be faster than ever yet. Now, you do not even have to click the search icon — simply begin writing what you wish to search out. Finally, Dropbox created its notifications interactive on Windows 10 thus you’ll currently settle for shared folder invites while not even gap the app.

As a part of its bid to breach this exclusivity and produce the Windows phone platform into competitive kind, Microsoft is reportedly shelving its Lumia line, and transfer in its reported Surface Phone to the market this year. However on my laptop, i do not really need associate app. i do not need a special destination that I even have to travel to so as to try and do special Dropbox things. The new options are set to roll out later to phones running Windows 10.

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned aircraft systems that is essentially known as flying robots. Drones are remotely controlled or flies autonomously through software controlled flight plans in their embedded systems working in conjunction with on-board GPS and sensors. In recent days, drones are most widely used in military and army forces, where they are used for anti-aircraft target practise, intelligence gathering, and then more controversially, as weapons platforms. Side range of civilian roles ranging from search and rescue, traffic monitoring, weather monitoring, surveillance, etc. can be done with drones.


In army forces and defences drones are most widely used for gathering ground information of enemy activities. But, the question now is how to shoot a drone out of sky? Just read on the article to know how to shoot a drone out of the sky.

The big-iron drone hunters:

Anti-drone idea has been started by military few years ago. Military contractors like Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Thales group, Israel Aerospace industries and Russia’s United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation, etc. have developed powerful anti-drone technologies.

U.S Army is testing Raytheon’s Phaser, which is an electromagnetic pulse device that can shutdown entire drown swarm with a single blast. But, the trouble is, big-iron solutions are right for airplane sized drones used by major military powers. But, terrorists, criminals, and insurgents are increasingly flying smaller, consumer sized drones for delivering bombs. These smaller drones very badly needs a smaller solution.


U.S Marine Corps are working on truck-mounted laser beam, which kills smaller drones in flight. And the U.S. Air Force want handheld drone killing kits. The need for non-military, domestic, anti-drone tech is increasing even though military contractors develop new tech to defeat large and small drones. Even Airports, ports, power stations, and special events are driving an explosion in anti-drone technologies.

The Technology:

There are different approaches and technologies that are widely involved in fast growing anti-drone industry. “Space gun” approach that uses special purpose rifles designed to shoot a focused ray that jams all the frequencies that consumer drones use to communicate with their handheld controllers. The latest anti-drone “space gun” is DroneShield’s DroneGun, which is demonstrated on video for the first time this week. Another one is Battelle’s DroneDefender. Both these works by jamming all the radio signals that drone can use to interact with a handheld controller. Hence, they make the drone react as if the controller is in offline.

The “Signal jamming” approach is the other one, which is most commonly used and many products are ground based rather than shoulder-fired. The companies that make 360 degree, multi-drone signal disrupter include Elbit systems, Blighter Surveillance systems, Selex, SRC, Dedrone, and Liteye Systems.

The other way to stop a drone is by throwing a net over the drone in order to bring it down. These could be shoulder-fired nets, which can bring down a drone from up to 100 yards away. This approach uses a computer controlled targeting system, which shows distance and displays green light when your aim is correct.

Another approach is to hack the drones. A company named Department 13, which is funded by a Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, hacks drones by injecting packets of code in to the radio protocol that is used for communication purpose between the drone and its handheld controller. When a product named Mesmer successfully cracks radio protocol, it will take the command of the drone.