Macintosh is a widely used system across the globe. It is available in different operating system such as Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite and so on. It might be possible that due to certain errors like accidental deletion, formatting, reformatting and file system corruption, you lose important data from Mac OS X. Under such horrible condition, you are looking for data recovery software to perform Mac OS X recovery without any issue. Is it possible to recover data from Mac OS X? If yes, kindly suggest reliable tool to recover Mac OS X data. Thanks in Advance!!!!!

Remo Recover tool is capable in recovering deleted or lost files from Mac OS X in simple and easy steps. This software can be easily installed on all the latest versions of Mac operating systems. It is free from all sorts of harmful virus and malware programs so it is 100 percent safe to use on any system or laptop. The software consists of advanced algorithm that scans entire drive and recovers lost data from Mac based machines with utmost ease. The demo version of Remo Recover software is available for free on website so download and recover deleted or lost files from laptop or computer.

Reasons for data loss from Mac OS X

  • Unintentional deletion
  • Virus or malware infection
  • Formatting or reformatting
  • File system corruption on drive
  • Use of unreliable software on system
  • Error while installation or re-installation of OS

These are few reasons for data loss from Mac based machines. You are able to recover files from hard drives, USB flash drive, memory card, external hard disk drive and so on. With the implementation of this program, you can easily search recovered files from list according to file signatures.

Features of Remo Recover Software

  • It is compatible on all the version of Mac operating system such as Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks and Yosemite.
  • Using this software, you can easily recover songs, video, movies, images, PSD files, Office document files, compressed files, PDF files, etc.
  • Preview option is one of the special features that allows user to test the performance of tool. If you are satisfied with working then purchase and save recovered files on desired location.
  • 24×7 technical assistance is available for users while recovering lost data from Mac OS X. You can contact support team through phone calls and emails.

after-repartitioning-hddRepartitioning is a process of division of partitions into different sub category. During repartitioning of drive if any error occurs then you may lose data from Mac system. Under such condition, you lost important files if you don’t have backup. Is it possible to recover to data after repartitioning Mac drive?

Remo Recover software is one of the efficient tools to recover lost data after repartitioning Mac drive. This software can easily recover media files, Office document file, PSD, PDF, RAR ZIP and several other file types. With the application of this software, you are able to recover files from HFS, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32 and HFX+ file system. It allows user to data from formatted, reformatted and repartitioned hard drive. It is available online so that users can purchase and recover deleted or lost files from iPhone, iPod, MacBook, MacBook Air, etc.

Scenarios for data loss after repartitioning of Mac drive

Let’s discuss real time scenario for data loss due to repartitioning of Mac drive. Last week, I purchase a Mac computer and create three partition to store application files, program file and operating system files separately. I transfer all media files to one of the partitions and found that partition get almost full. So, I decide to resize the partition in order to enlarge the space. But due to certain issue partition get corrupted and data become unreachable from users.

Under such circumstances, you can use Remo Recover tool to recover repartitioned data in a reliable way. This software is capable in recovering from formatted, reformatted and repartitioned hard drive without any issue.

Salient Features of Remo Recover Software

  • You can install this application on all the latest versions of Mac operating system like Mavericks, Yosemite, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, etc.
  • It recovers data from different hard drive interfaces such as SATA, ATA, IDE and SCSI. With the use of this software, you can easily recover data from various Mac file systems.
  • Demo version of Remo Recover tool is available on website so that users can recover data from Mac drive for free.
  • Technical support executive is always available to support customers while recovering files after repartitioning of Mac drive.

Steps to Recover Data After Repartitioning Mac

Step I: Download Remo Recover software on Mac PC or laptop. Then install this application to recover data after repartitioning.

Step II: Select “Recover Drive” button then choose “Volume Recovery” from the available options. Next is to choose drive from which you want to recover data after repartitioning.

Step III: Start recovery process and with the completion of drive scanning you have lists of recoverable files. Choose files and press next button to restore lost data.

Step IV: With the use of this software, you are able to preview and save recovered files on desired location. For more information about this software, refer this link:

The application which helps us to restore USB files on Mac:pen-drive-recovery

If the files stored in USB got deleted/lost due to the virus or some other reason and you are searching for USB file recovery software Mac than you can easily restore those files in Mac device using Remo Recover (Mac) software as discussed in next session. It helps us to trace and get back the files from missing/deleted USB drives using advanced recovery process. It retrieves all accidentally deleted files from users which is present on USB drives. It has the ability to recover the deleted files from inaccessible or corrupted USB drives and also restores files based on their file name, size, and type. Supports restore of files from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives, SD, flash memory cards, USB external drives, etc. you can also add or edit the signature of the file which is not listed and also it is Compatible with all the latest edition of  Mac and well-liked USB brands.

These are some characteristic of Remo Recover tool, so it is clear that this application is better to use to recover lost USB files when compared to other application in the present market.

Step – by – step procedure to retrieve deleted/lost files from USB using Remo Recover software:

Step 1: You should download the free trial edition of Remo Recover Mac tool and install it on your Mac device and then connect the USB to your Mac device.

Step 2: Run the downloaded application and then choose the recover drives button on the home screen of the tool.

Step 3: Select drive recovery option in the next screen of the program.

Step 4: Choose the USB drive from which you need to restore the deleted files.

Step 5: After the completion of the recovery process, list of retrieved files will be displayed.

Step 6: Select save recovery session to avoid rescanning after the purchase of the tool.

Step 7: If you want to load those retrieved files then you need to buy the Remo Recover program from online.

From above recovery process steps, you can restore all deleted/lost USB files on Mac device easily and efficiently.

Case scenarios for UBS file loss:

  • When you are working on USB drive on Mac device, if you face an interruption like sudden ejection of USB drives from Mac system then you face an issue of USB file missing.
  • If the Mac system is affected with virus or malware then it also infects all files and USB drives which is connect to it and you face an issue of data loss in USB drives.
  • When you are transferring files from USB to Mac, if you face sudden system shut-down due to power issue then it leads to USB file loss.
  • If the user accidentally selects the format all option of the USB drives on Mac, then all stores files in USB gets completely erased.

These are some scenarios for USB file loss in Mac device, but you can retrieve all those files by installing Remo Recover program on your Mac as discussed in above sessions. Further, it is essential to always keep the USB flash drives safe by following certain safety procedures.

MacBook Pro comes with hard drive data space where you can store all of your files and other data in it, its storage capacity is almost endless which means it has the capacity of store almost all your data like media, business files and many more. Now a days when you purchase a MacBook, it provides you a very huge data storing capacity up to several TBs. Although it is a non-volatile data storage device, there are few situation where some of your files or your entire partition may go missing even though your hard drive is a stable data holder.

Here are some of the cases where files go missing in a hard drive of MacBook Pro:

  • Your files may get erased or it may get corrupted if it gets greatly Influenced by third party applications
  • If you hard drive has high density of bad sectors in it, it will cause to disappear all your important files and data from your hard drive
  • Power related issues such as power failures, surges and other deformities when occurred to a MacBook Pro can cause the files stored on its hard drive to get disappeared or corrupted from it
  • File system Journal entitled in MacBook has the ability to recover files in file system (HSF+ and HSFX) in unexpected power cuts. But sometimes irrespective of reasons, the journal gets corrupted leading it to save invalid logs which leads to missing file or corrupted file

You can recover files deleted on MacBook Pro hard drive, from the above issues as well as various other postulated sequences by just downloading and using Remo Recover for Mac software. It is destructive free software and it has advanced file recovery features with strong algorithms and its results are quite good and are accurate such that your will recover your each of your file in no matter of time. Here are some very interesting features of Remo Recover for Mac software:

  • It has ability to recover files which evade the Trash folder and also has the ability to recover files which gets affects from third party applications
  • Soft bad sectors existing in hard disk of any MacBook Pro can easily be rectified and files can be regained which can’t be fetched
  • Remo Recover for Mac software has a feature such that, if you delete your files by pressing Command + Del or if you cleared your files from Trash, you can recover it by using this application
  • It has an option of adding new signature term which can be introduced in the search term to obtain the results more accurately
  • Supports restoration of files which are erased due to Mac Journal corruption and can also help to retain the healthier state by universal binary operation
  • Remo Recover for Mac software can be installed on both 32bit and 64 bit operations and Mac OS 10.5 versions and above
  • This tool is equipped with Save Recovery Section option which saves the last recovery section and helps out to start the session from where you stopped lastly, which is time saving remedy.

Pages for Mac is a powerful and full-featured word processor for OS X developed by Apple Inc. It provides you with all the basics which are required to create any kind of word documents and allows you to work efficiently with word documents across any Mac systems running on OS X and all other supported iOS devices. Along with text data, the OS X Pages for Mac extends it support to comprise images and graphics data without any difficulty.  A Mac Pages document is saved as a Pages file with a file extension of .pages, that is almost invisible in the Macintosh system, which adds additional security of files. But if the same document in viewed in a Windows based computer, it will be visible as a .pages document but is mostly inaccessible with most of default Windows Office applications.

Data loss scenarios on Mac:

Mac OS X Pages files can get deleted in a variety of situations that are briefly listed below. Have a glance at them after which we begin to recover accidentally erased Pages document on Mac.

Pages documents can get disappeared or removed from a Mac in various circumstances such as abrupt termination of the application, having power related issues while operating the files, performing forced termination of the Mac Pages files and numerous other reasons. Find few of the most common aspects discussed which are likely to cause Pages document to get erased or lost. In the final section, find the best possible solution to restore accidentally erased Pages document on Mac with implementation of Remo Recover software.

Causes for deletion or loss of Pages documents on Mac:

  • Problems that are related to power: Power related problems such as outages, failures and other abnormalities, which when occurred while handling Mac Pages documents can cause those files to get lost or inaccessible
  • Performing forced system shutdowns: Forced system shutdowns can be caused by various factors such as power abruptions as mentioned above, or by doing hard resets
  • Handling the storage devices in an impropriate manner: Ejecting the external hard drive in an improperly manner where the Pages documents are stored, such as without powering it off systematically, or getting the hard drive contaminated with viruses, etc. can cause the Pages files to get corrupted or lost
  • Problems that are related to hardware: This scenario may include actions such as hardware failures, having bad RAMs, having too many bad sectors on a drive, case of missing volumes, and so on, which when happened can make a Pages file or any other data on that location to go astray
  • Problems that are related to software: Factors such as bad programming, having fragile or malfunctioning Mac OS X Pages app, and the like, can force the Mac computer to undergo hard system restarts, .pages file corruptions and loss

Recovering Pages document files on Mac:

In case of accidental file deletion, the deleted contents are moved to Trash folder under usual circumstances. But in rare conditions such as the Pages files are deleted using Command + Delete combinations, or using Mac Terminal, etc. the deleted contents just bypass the Trash and you will not be able to rescue them normally. On such occasions you will have to recover Mac Pages files using a trusted third party file recovery utility. You may like to make use of Remo Recover utility in order to get back all accidentally erased or lost files on Mac. Download the tool for free here:

AVI is an acronym of Audio Video Interleave and it is a most admired multimedia video file format developed by Microsoft Corporation. As the name specifies AVI format encloses both audio and video data within the space of a solitary file. AVI files are of superior quality due to their low compression rate than other files. But due to some reasons like inadvertent deletion, hard disk failure, operating system crash etc. you may lose your AVI files stored on Windows machine. Whatever could be the reason but loss of precious AVI file is always disappointing.

In this situation only thing comes in mind is how to recover deleted AVI file? In case, if you are not aware of best AVI file recovery software then no issue as you have landed on the right post, here you will get the complete solution on recovery process with appropriate tool that is Remo AVI file recovery software. To rescue deleted AVI files from Windows computer, first thing is to ensure that deleted files are not overwritten by fresh data because overwriting of new data may enduringly delete the files. Therefore, you have to immediately stop using of the particular drive from where you have deleted the AVI file intentionally or unintentionally.

Most Common AVI File Deletion scenarios are as Follows:

Unintentional Deletion of AVI Files: While deleting huge amount of unnecessary data from system there might be chance you may select few valuable AVI files and perform Shift + Delete key combination, this sort of situation bypasses the deleted files from Recycle Bin and lastly results in information loss.

Antivirus Scan: Virus may enter into your Windows machine through numerous reasons such as while downloading files or application from untrustworthy sites, copying the AVI files from virus infected external storage device etc. To get clear from virus threats, you opt for Antivirus scanning process. After finish of scanning procedure, you find some of the precious AVI files are missing from PC, this type of situation happens due to untrustworthy antivirus applications or because of severe virus infection onto that file.

Hard Drive Crash: Every file stored in the system are accessed through hard disk drive. If the hard disk gets crash in your PC then you are incapable to access even a single AVI file. There are numerous reasons liable for hard drive failure such as unexpected system shutdown due to power failure, aging, severe virus attack, aging etc. then it leads to deletion of all information including AVI files.

Furthermore, there are few other scenarios responsible for AVI file deletion from Windows PC such as unintended formatting of drive containing AVI files, file system corruption, virus infection, sudden power surge etc. If you are facing AVI file deletion from any of these reasons then don’t get worry as you can effortlessly get back those files by empowering Remo Recover software. Keep reading further to know the procedure to restore deleted AVI files from Windows 7/8/10 and other versions.

Silent Features of Remo Recover Software on AVI Files

  • This tool is prominent in recovering deleted AVI files from Windows machine along with other popular media file formats like MOV, MP4, AMR, AIF, MP3, MIDI etc. with no complexity.
  • Remo Recover tool supports all versions of Windows OS and rescues deleted AVI files
  • It is free from virus invasions like malware, adware, spyware and is cost effective
  • The application is designed with built in algorithms to scan entire hard drive and to recover deleted, lost and missing AVI files within a brief time. In the event, if you are a Mac user and looking for the software to perform deleted file recovery Mac then click here to get complete information.            

“Need a help!!! I lost all my important information from Mac operating system. This happened when I was exchanging files from Mac system to external storage devices. A few days back I got to know my Mac operating system was experiencing virus attack, I performed scanning process utilizing antivirus software and taught system was free from virus. When I was transferring data got to know Mac operating system is even now facing the issue because of which I lost information. Is it possible to restore missing files from corrupted Mac system?”

Yes, you can perform corrupt Mac volume recovery utilizing best recovery tool called Remo Recover.

After Windows system, Mac operating system is generally utilized all over the world, which was developed and launched by Apple Inc. It gives exceptionally user-friendly features to its user, because of which they get pulled towards Mac operating system. There are numerous versions of Mac systems like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and so on due to extensive support is given by users. Some of the favorable features of Mac volume are:

• Large memory space, so various files, applications might be effectively saved and introduced

• Rate of information exchange is high while transferring or recovering data from different devices

• Supports all external storage devices like thumb drives, pen drives, compact hard drives providing USB ports for exchanging information

Even though, having this huge features and services there are still chances of losing key documents from Mac operating system because of strange circumstances like modifications in file systems, operating system corruption and so on. Here is an answer from this issue called Remo Recover an ideal recovery tool to restore missing information from Mac volume within less time.

General situations for information loss from Mac operating system are:

Unexpected shut down of Mac system

While you are performing any operations on Mac operating system like exchanging, recovering, creating files if there is sudden power loss, generation of intrusions or physically turning off the system in between the methodology results in information loss.

Untrustworthy third-party tools

Macintosh operating system allows its user to download any number of software like Adobe Reader, Photoshop, antivirus software and so on from unsecured sites. By chance, if anyone application is infected from the virus it gets exchanged to Mac system. Sometimes, due to which data loss occurs.


There are numerous reasons because of which users perform repartition on Mac volume like when they need to resize the created segment, utilize free space accessible on other partition and so on. During this process, there high possibilities of losing data present on Mac operating system.

Outline of Remo Recover

Remo Recover is optimal recovery tool that can be used to recover lost information from corrupted Mac volume. The application is expert in recovering Mac hard drive that is corrupted and failed to mount with great ease. It can scan whole drive within few minutes. With the assistance of recovery algorithms missing files from Mac operating system can be restored at the soonest. Separated from this, a feature called Save Recovery Session helps users to prevent from rescanning procedure of drive again and time can be saved. This product could be installed on variants of Mac system like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and so on. If the users come across any interruption during the recovery process, the technical group will be accessible for 24*7 to solve within no time. Remo Recover can also be utilized to rescue missing music files from iPod and for more details about recovery procedure visit here.

Security measures

• Always have backup of important files

• Use reliable third-party tools

• Connect your system to UPS without fail

Hi friends, here is my issue, for over 2 weeks my G – Technology 500 GB mini drive was working fine, my cousin used the drive to transfer few videos to laptop and all went well. After completion of process, he turned off the machine and removed the drive, after sometime again I plugged it back into my Mac machine as usual at that time it displayed an error message “USB was not recognized”. I am slight perplexed because the light is blinking in mini drive and there is also spinning sound near about 20 seconds, the light goes off and it stops. Now I want to know, is it possible to recover the data from my G Technology 500 GB mini drive because I have significant data in it and again I want to start it.

Don’t agonize! You are on the exact page; here you will get the appropriate solution to get back lost or deleted files from G Technology mini drive on Mac PC within short span of time with the help of good recovery software – Remo Recover.

Common Factors for Data Loss from G – Technology Mini Drive from Mac Machine are as Follows:

Deletion: If you unintentionally or deliberately delete the folders or files from G- Technology external drive then the data will be entirely erased from that drive because deleted files from exterior connected devices will not move to the temporary storage folder like Trash.

Unintentionally Formatting: At times, while accessing the files from G Technology mini drive, you may inadvertently click on format option instead of selecting some specified operation. One such ridiculous fault might leads to massive amount of data loss from your external storage memory.

Interruption in Transferring Process: Sometimes moving or transferring of data from G – Technology mini drive to Mac machines or other storage memory might get interrupted because of numerous reasons like unpredicted PC turnoff, inappropriate connectivity, power failure, ejection of external drive in between transferring process etc. These kind of interruptions leads to corruption of drive and finally data becomes inaccessible.

In addition to the above stated reasons, there are few more scenarios liable for data loss from G – Technology mini drive such as file system corruption, aging of external drive, MBR corruption, using untrustworthy third party applications etc. Currently, if you are experiencing data loss from any of the reason then stay relax and make use of Remo Recover software to get rid from the issues with ease.

Remo Recover Exceptional Features on G – Technology

This tool is tremendous in recovering lost or deleted files from G – Technology 500 GB mini drive on Mac machine and supports recovery of diverse file formats like movies, photographs, videos, mp3 files, documents, animation files and so on. The software is perfectly suited for HFS +, HFS X, FAT 32 and FAT 16 file system drives without any difficulty. It is compatible with all versions of Mac OS X based machines like iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro etc. This utility offers one outstanding feature referred as “Save Image File” in order to make disk image of G – Technology external mini drive. In the event, if you do not know, how to make disk images of hard drive then hit on previous link to get information.

Panasonic P2 card is a PC Card included with four Secure Digital memory cards ganged mutually in a RAID array providing quadruple  capability and transfer speed of a single Secure Digital card. It is specially adapted to electronic newsgathering applications and features tapeless recording of DVCPRO, DVCPRO25, DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO50, AVC Intra or DV streams on Solid-state drive flash memory. P2 cards presents comparable recording capability to disc created media and tape-based but with the added benefit of no moving components. However, data saved on Panasonic P2 cards get lost or delete due to various recognized or unknown factors.

Consider a scenario, in which you have carried digital camera with Panasonic P2 card on trip with college friends and captured most precious videos as well as photos. After return from trip, you connect it via data cable to Macintosh machine in order to copy those videos but unluckily, it displayed an oversight message “E: Drive not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unapproachable.” This kind of incident hurts a lot.

Now you may start concerning about the important information lost from Panasonic P2 card. What is the best way to rescue those files? Do you think files left enduringly? If so, then you are completely wrong! Even if you are incapable to get data from Panasonic P2 card, it does not mean that you are unable to retrieve them. By the way, you can effortlessly recover files from P2 card by using trustworthy Remo Macintosh recovery tool. For more information, click this link http://

Factors Associated to Files Loss from Panasonic P2 Card are Highlighted Below:

  • Inadvertent deletion of significant files while deleting outdated or unnecessary videos from Panasonic P2 card
  • Unexpected power failure while transferring files from Panasonic P2 card to Mac PC or abrupt elimination of card from machine may lead to file system corruption and results in loss of data
  • Storing files rapidly when the Panasonic P2 card is almost full can result to its corruption
  • Unintended formatting of Panasonic P2 card while formatting unapproachable volume on Mac system

Panasonic P2 card files get lost or delete by above stated reasons. In such scenarios, you can easily restore those files by employing Remo Recover software. This program enables you to rescue missing, lost, deleted media files without any difficulty.

File Recovery from Panasonic P2 Card

This tool comes handy for those who have no backup and needs to recover deleted or lost files from Panasonic P2 card. The software has the ability to recover files not only from corrupted, but also from reformatted, formatted and inaccessible card on all versions of Mac OS like Leopard, Lion, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion etc. easily. Apart from Panasonic P2 card, it also supports recovery of files from other memory cards like SD, SDXC, SDHC, XD, CF, Memory Stick, MMC and so on, other card types produced by chief manufacturers like Kingston, Samsung, Transcend, Kodak, SanDisk, etc. By empowering this program, you can even effortlessly perform recovery of lost documents from Mac OS X machines.

Note: Soon after loss of data from Panasonic P2 card, the next thing to do is stop using it for storing new files because once data is overwritten then you are not able to recover them by using any recovery tool. You have to remove the card from Mac system by making use of “Safe Remove Option”.

Hey guys!

Today I was very stupid, that is because while I was copying files from my MacBook computer to the external hard drive, instead of copying them I used cut paste command. As the transfer process was going on there was some issue in the external hard drive and the data transfer process stopped abruptly. I looked for the files in both my MacBook as well as the external hard drive but they were not to be found.

What to do now? I had planned to backup the data in my external hard drive, but due to some unknown reasons I have ended up in losing all the valuable information from MacBook. Can those lost files be recovered?

Please help!  I need an urgent access to the data.

Some of the scenarios that lead to deletion of files from MacBook are:

Empty Trash Folder: The user while trying to free up space in his MacBook will remove any of the files that were present in the Trash folder that may lead to permanent deletion of some essential files. Hence care should be taken and before emptying Trash you should check its contents

Unintentional Deletion: You may accidentally delete the files while trying to move them from one partition to other or so on can lead to loss of valuable data. Therefore before deleting a file, you must make sure that the files being deleted are no longer needed by you

Abrupt Removal of Storage Media: Sometimes while copying files from your MacBook to external storage media, you may accidentally remove the plugged in device. This causes loss of connection, as a result of which the data goes missing

Deleted File Recovery from MacBook:

Yodot Mac File Recovery tool is the best application that can be used to retrieve deleted files from MacBook. The interface of this file recovery tool has been made simple in such a way that even a novice system user can rescue his deleted files and save them to the respective destination location. One can make use of Find tool to find the respective file types on the basis of file name, size of the file, date in which the file was created and so on. This recovery tool can not only recover deleted files from MacBook, but also rescue data from external hard drive, pen drive, FireWire drives, iPods and others. In case if you face any problem in recovering deleted files from MacBook, just call to the customer care support and have your problem fixed as soon as possible.

Simple procedure that has to be followed to restore deleted files from MacBook:

Follow this link to download Yodot Mac File Recovery tool. As soon as the downloading process gets completed install the application and click on the Deleted File Recovery from the main screen of the application and then proceed to the next window where you can find the list of volumes that are present in MacBook. Now, in the next screen select the types of files that have to be restored and get to the scanning process. Yodot Mac File Recovery tool scans the entire partition within a minimum duration of time. After the completion of the restoring process, the retrieved data can be listed in Data View and File Type View. Preview the data before saving them on the respective destination location as available to the user.

Safety Steps:

  • Double check the files before deleting them
  • Save important data on external hard drive
  • Avoid using unknown third party applications to prevent system crash