Partitioning allow us to store the Mac’s system files and data on two different partitions. Moreover we can run multiple operating systems or multiple versions of the same OS, from a single disk. But nevertheless, partitioning of volumes in an iMac is not so easy task to perform and if performed by some naive users, then data could be lost as well. If you are facing any such problem of data loss from your iMac, then you do not need to worry because there is an effective tool present for erased partition recovery from iMac which successfully restores the entire lost data from a partition.

About Remo Recover:hard drive

Remo Recover is very effective software to retrieve all the data lost from the partition of your Macintosh system. This utility adapts highly advanced and complex algorithm covering all the possible aspects of data loss. So data recovery from erased partition of Mac OS is surely an easy job now!

NOTE: It is recommended to the user to stop using the volume as soon as the data gets erased in order to ensure the full data recovery by using the Remo Recover program. Because over-writing of data decreases the chances of full data recovery from the corresponding Mac volume.

Special features of Remo Recover:

Remo Recover is equipped with many amazing features which classifies it different from other products for same purpose.

  • This software is compatible with all the file system based partition like HFS, HFS+, FAT16, and FAT32.
  • Also, Remo Recover is supportable on all the versions of Mac OS as well, viz. Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion etc.
  • This efficient Mac data recovery software easily restores all the files erased like images, videos, audios, and compressed and archived files and many more.
  • It provides amazing yet simple GUI to help users to perform through the recovery process. Users are guided with instructions written in understandable language at each step.
  • Data could be retrieved successfully irrespective of the reason of data loss whatsoever such as inaccessible data, unmounted volumes, formatted and reformatted volume etc.
  • ‘Find’ option is included exclusively in this partition recovery program which helps in finding the particular files on the basis of size, name, data, and file type from the list of recovered data.

Steps to recover the erased partition recover on iMac:

Remo Recover incorporates a quick recovery process which assures the execution of the aforementioned process in few steps just by hitting some clicks.

  1. Download and launch the demo version of Remo Recover on your Macintosh machine and run it. Select ‘Recover Volumes/Drives’ option from the wizard. It is to be noted that all the features are same in both the demo and licensed versions of the software except the ‘Save’ feature.
  2. Select ‘Volume Recovery’ option from the next screen in order to proceed towards the data restoration.
  3. Now you will be displayed with all the physical drives available on your iMac, select the volume from where the data was erased.
  4. You can view the entire recovered data, once the data has been scanned thoroughly, using ‘Preview’ feature.
  5. You can also make use of ‘Save Recovery Session’ option to save the current recovery state to avoid repeating the whole process in the future, if needed.
  6. Getting convinced by the outcome, you can go ahead for the Licensed version and can ‘Save’ the recovered data to your desired location on to your iMac.

Macintosh computer drive may hold various types of files including photos, audio, video, documents and so on. There are certain scenarios in which your Mac OS X partition gets lost from the Mac hard disk drive but human mistakes like accidental Mac volume deletion or following improper method for partitioning the drive is the most common cause for losing a Mac partition. If you come across such volume loss issue what will be your reaction? In that case no need to react instead of act wisely to select appropriate partition recovery app like Remo Recover to restore Mac partition.

Most frequently noticed scenarios that can cause volume loss on Macintosh machine:

  • Volume header is the index of each partition that stores all the necessary details of the volume. So, if this header gets corrupted then they are high chances of file inaccessibility leading to loss of Macintosh volume.
  • Sometimes, while removing infected volume from Mac OS X hard disk you may delete a partition that contains vital data. In such case, you will be prone to volume loss from the drive.
  • If you do not follow accurate steps while repartitioning the Mac volume then it would pave the way for volume loss or deletion.
  • All the information about how the logical volumes are arranged on Mac machine is stored in MBR. If the MBR is corrupted then it will throw an error which automatically affects the Macintosh partition.

Seeing all these situations you might be wondering whether you can recover Mac partition or not? Just cool! You can restore each lost volume in a simple way using the Remo Recover utility. Below given are some of the unique features which will assure you to believe the capability of the wizard.

  • This partition recovery program helps in retrieving Mac volumes from the different file system such as HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, and FAT32 without any difficulty.
  • Easily find lost or deleted files from Mac volumes that are corrupted, damaged or inaccessible.
  • Safe and secured application to recover Mac partition, as it is free from all types of dreadful viruses and other Malware programs.
  • Supports Mac volume recovery from various disk interfaces such as SATA, SCSI, and IDE with utmost ease opting Remo Recover tool.
  • After successfully recovering Mac OS X volume, you can arrange your data based on its type, name, size, etc. for easy retrieval of data files.
  • A toolkit is compatible to run on several Macintosh computers including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Mini.
  • Different Mac OS supported by this software are Mac OS X 10.9, Mac OS X 10.8, Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6 and Mac OS X 10.5.

After viewing amazing attributes of Remo Recover app, you would have got an idea on how to restore Mac partition. Demo version is also available to experience the features prior purchasing the licensed version.

Things to be taken care after volume loss:

  • To avoid overwriting of lost partition stop using your Macintosh computer.
  • Do not use shaky partition recovery tools because usage of unreliable application may modify or damage your original file contents.
  • Do not try to change the BIOS settings which may lead to inaccessibility of the volume in Mac OS X.

Recover files from HFS Partition

In Mac system, hard drive partitioning refers to the sectioning of the memory space into different segments to provide the better accessibility and to optimize the memory space. By doing partitioning, you can manage your data easily or we can say that data management can also be achieved. Another advantage is that on different partition, we can install different operating systems. Various kinds of partitions are there in the Mac system like HFS, HFS+, and FAT etc. If any file or data is missing in any of the partition, user can regain files from HFS Partition. HFS is one of the file systems or can say partition of the Mac system. It stands for Hierarchical File System. HFS contains data according to the volume size. If any data is missing then you can get back files from HFS Partition using the best utility tool called Remo Recover for Mac.

Scenario for Data loss from HFS Partition:

Virus Attack: If the file that is downloaded from the internet is stored on HFS partition and if that is infected from harmful viruses. In such scenarios, viruses have the ability to generate replicas in the Mac systems and the result in data loss from that partition.

Accidental Formatting: This has turned out to be one of the common reasons for data loss from HFS partition. This takes place when you select HFS partition instead of other infected partition from Mac hard drive.

MBR Corruption: If the Master Boot Record, related to HFS partition in Mac OS is corrupted then all the data hold by it may also be inaccessible.

Except these there are a lot of reasons for data loss from HFS partitionin Mac OS like power surge, re-installation of operating system, hardware failure, improper shut down of system etc. To overcome from such circumstances you need to install and run the best utility tool known as Remo Recover for Mac OS.  You can perform HFS file partition recoveryby using Remo Recover software.

Features of Remo Recover for Mac to recover files from HFS Partition:

  • Remo Recover can restore all the type of data like image file, audio file, video file, raw file etc from Mac OS
  • Remo Recover can be used on various hard drives, flash cards, memory cards, camcorders etc
  • Highly advanced techniques used in Remo Recover helps the user to retrieve data from HFS partition in Mac operating system
  • While doing recovery process using Remo Recover application software, user can save the recovery session so that you need not to rescan the process
  • This tool comes with a feature called Mac finder styled interface which helps us to locate recovered files from huge list of data and hence time can be saved
  • Facilitates an option called Preview that permits the users to view the recovered files from HFS partition before saving them into the specific destination
  • We can sort our data or files on the basis of name, type, or address of the file on Mac system
  • Users can utilize demo version to check the efficiency of software in prior purchasing it
  • This software is compatible on different versions of Mac operating system like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion etc. to rescue files from HFS partition
  • This software can also be used to restore data after volume header corruption. For further details about the recovery process visit this URL:

Today morning when I turned on my Mac system containing Mac OS X Lion, I was unable to access the files stored on “E Partition”, whenever I click on that partition it displays “Format Error” message. Yesterday itself I saved few office documents in that partition. I don’t know what the reason behind corruption of that partition is, after trying all the efforts I formatted the partition for further use without thinking what about the enclosed data, now I desire to get back it again as it includes numerous essential and personal files. Therefore, I heartily appeal you to assist me n perfect solution for resolving partition issue in my Mac PC.

Hey, don’t get free. Your formatted partition data has not disappeared anywhere and it will be located at the same position in hard drive itself until fresh files are overwritten. The above-said reason usually happens because of file system corruption. File system gets damage due to deadly harmful virus threats that are enclosed on a computer. Now, the only way remains to get back formatted partition data is by making use of excellent third party “mac formatted partition recovery Software”. But, before understanding about this utility, you must be aware of few common factors that are liable for formatting partition in Mac systems.

Formatting: When you perform format operation intentionally or unintentionally, all the allusions like location details, name, size, etc. allied with the files get deleted from computer area. So, for this reason, files get unapproachable, suggesting that partition space as vacant.

Reformatting: Changing the current partition file system from HFS + to HFS X or vice versa, generates an entire fresh file system and deletes all the information contained on it. This type of incidence takes place because of improper file system conversion or files lose their encryption details and authorization that holds entry associated with operation allowed to files or access granted to that data.

Other Reasons: File system corruption, accidental deletion of partition, upgrading file system, severe virus assault, resizing partition errors, etc.

If you come across any of the above-stated issues then don’t get infuriated because you can easily get back formatted partition data by making use of “Remo Partition Recovery Software”.

Key Features of This Utility:

  • This tool is specially developed for Mac user’s who are most tending towards their saved files and prefer utilizing Mac OS X platform.
  • The software also allows you to recover data from corrupted Mac Volume with utmost ease and supports all popular Mac OS X including Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, etc.
  • The software easily retrieves formatted partition data from HFS +, HFS X, FAT 16 and FAT 32 filesystems present in the hard drive.
  • You can rescue data from reformatted or formatted Mac OS X volumes by making use of Remo Recover tool
  • It supports recovery of formatted partitions on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and other OS X based computer
  • This software is even capable enough to restore completely formatted hard drive data within few minutes.

Safety Measures:

  • Maintain precious files backup and store them on external devices
  • Without having complete knowledge of repartition or resizing, don’t go for alteration the existing partition

Recover deleted Mac partitions

Remo Recover software is the award winning utility and approved by industrial experts to rescue deleted or missing partition from Mac machines. Most of us come across the scenario of accidental deletion of partition while deleting other partitions. This is one unique utility to resolve this type of issues without any complication.

How Partitions Gets Deleted on Mac

  • The partitions get deleted when we use third party applications for resizing the existing partitions downloaded from untrusted websites through internet
  • Continuously changing of file system on the Mac hard drive partition from HFS to FAT or vice versa may lead to corruption of volume
  • Mac partition gets deleted or corrupt due to malfunctioning of Mac OS X
  • Bad sectors on hard drive caused due to unexpected power surge sometimes results in partition loss on Mac
  • Hardware conflicts might even cause system crash lead to loss of Mac partitions

If you ever come across this type of scenarios then no need to panic because you can easily restore deleted Mac volume by making use of Remo Recover software.

Why Remo Recover

Remo Recover is the perfect solution to retrieve lost or deleted partitions from power PC or Intel based Macintosh machines. It is an ideal utility because it requires only 50 MB free disk space for installation. Therefore, this is the best choice to save disk space. This software helps you in rescuing partitions that are deleted or missing from hard disks such as IDE, PATA, SCSI, and SATA. The application has the ability to support both 32 and 64 bit Macintosh. The tool is designed with built in algorithms, which performs deep scanning of a Mac hard drive to retrieve missing or deleted partitions within a couple of minutes. By empowering the program, you can recover deleted partitions from different Mac OS versions like Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Lion etc. with no difficulty.

The software is developed with advanced techniques as it has the capacity to regain different picture file types like JPG, NEF, GIFF, TIFF, ARW, PSD and many more. Apart from this, you can recover video and music files by employing this product.

When Remo Recover software Fails

While performing data recovery operation using Remo Recover software, there may be chance that you meet some errors that results in inefficient execution of the application. By seeing these errors do not get annoyed because our technical support panel is expert in resolving such type of issues, which can be fixed effortlessly. The tool gets crashes due to following reasons:

  • The software gets crash due to inappropriate downloading of setup file or if any application associated file is missing, it could result in software crash during installation procedure only
  • Before executing the software, you have to close all the applications running in system background. Implementation of numerous programs concurrently might result in software conflict and sometimes leads to software crash
  • While retrieving partition data from external storage device if you eject the device suddenly then there could be chance of software crash
  • When you fail to install the updates related to the operating system, at that time it may results to crash of recovery tool

Therefore, the above stated points are mandatory things; you have to keep in mind to avoid software crash. In the event if you come across any problems related to crashed Remo Recover then feel free to contact our technical team for help. Our service is available for you around the clock, you can share your queries via online chat service, email etc. within fraction of time your issues will be resolved.