Offline Storage Table (OST) files are also vulnerable to corruption problems that make them unreadable to MS Outlook users. There are various causes for these problems such as:

  • Improper synchronization of Exchange Server and Outlook.
  • Any virus or malware attack damaged the OST files.
  • Exchange Server is down.
  • Outlook issues.

Since the release of MS Outlook 2010, Microsoft has disabled the scanost.exe feature due to which Outlook users have to utilize scanpst.exe Inbox Repair tool to fix both PST and OST files.

Why scanpst.exe is not an effective tool to repair OST files?

Scanpst.exe can only fix some of the minor Offline Storage Table (OST) file problems, but it is not meant to repair major OST files. Let’s find out some of the difficulties that you may encounter while using this utility for fixing OST files.

  • Hard to find the location of scanpst.exe: The location of scanpst.exe varies depending on the Outlook versions and whether you are using 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems on your computer.
  • Unable to fix severely damaged OST files: If the structure of OST file is completely corrupted or damaged then you cannot repair the OST file with the aid of scanpst.exe tool.
  • Larger OST files cannot be repaired: Since MS outlook 2003, the size of OST file can be larger than 2GB. But scanpst.exe is only able to fix smaller files that are less than 2GB.
  • Affect Outlook data: While scanning the OST file via scanpst.exe, if items are not found in the OST folder then the Inbox Repair tool assumes that the data is inaccessible and deleted from the database. Therefore, it is quite harmful for your crucial OST folder data.
  • Virus attack: Just like other utilities, the scanpst.exe tool is also vulnerable to virus and other malware threats. Sometimes, serious virus attack could damage the OST file and make it inaccessible.

An advanced OST file repair software

If you are experiencing the same problems as mentioned in the above section then start searching a dedicated migrate OST to PST software which can safely fix and retrieve OST data. Remo Convert OST to PST is one such software that effectively repairs OST file as well as recovers all the data from inaccessible OST files.