Partition process lets you to virtually split a single hard disk into multiple drives which can be accessed individually. Thus due to the diverse advantages, people usually tend to partition a drive. However, you can never predict the corruption that occurs on a partition. The partition can get corrupted due to damage in the file system, partition recoveryvirus/malware infections, bad sectors and several other factors. As a result of this, you won’t be able to access data from a damaged partition. Nevertheless, you need not stress out as this post has been written with an intention to help you recover data from a corrupt partition.


Unfortunately, Windows does not provide any assistance in recovering data from a corrupt partition. Therefore, you need to rely on a third-party utility to recover data from a damaged partition. The most trusted and popularly known software to restore data from corrupted partition is – Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition.  The tool runs flawlessly on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 and Windows 2000.

How is it possible for the software to restore data?

Although the partition gets corrupted or goes missing, the data still remains intact on the hard disk until it is not overwritten by any other data. Hence, with the aid of a third-party tool like Remo Recover, you can manage to restore all your data with great ease. The software will help you to retrieve corrupted FAT32 partition and NTFS/ex-FAT as well. Please refer the below instructions to utilize the application,

  • Step 1: Download and install the application on your Windows system
  • Step 2: Launch the utility by double clicking on its icon
  • Step 3: Then, click on Recover Drives option to perform a partition restoration
  • Step 4: Next, select Partition Recovery option
  • Step 5: Choose the drive from where the data needs to be recovered
  • Step 6: Preview the files and store them in a secure location of your choice


Data recovery from a damaged/corrupt partition is relatively simple and can be achieved easily with the help of an advanced technique mentioned in this post.

Boot Camp Assistant is a tool used on Mac computers which assists multiple operating system including Microsoft Windows. Previously this utility supports only Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Here and now, it supports Windows 10 operating system on macOS Sierra.

Requirements for installation of Windows OS on Macintosh system

  • Full version of Windows operating system
  • USB drive or an external hard drive for Windows driver installation
  • Minimum 20GB free space on hard drive for installation of Windows OS

After upgradation of Mac operating system, you might face several problems. One of the common real time scenario is mentioned below:

I just upgraded my Macintosh system with macOS Sierra. When I restart the computer I found Windows partition is missing either from startup menu or disk utility. However, Mac partition is still available with same space I left.”

The reason behind above mentioned scenario would be installation freeze, download stuck or might be due to interruption while upgrading latest version of Mac operating system. If you have prepared backup of Boot Camp partition earlier then there is no need to worry. But in case of no proper backup of data, you need tool to perform Bootcamp partition recovery. Can anyone suggest how to recover mac OS sierra Bootcamp partition missing from hard drive.

Using Remo Recover utility, you are able to recover Bootcamp partition missing after macOS Sierra with simple steps. It enables user to recover partition from MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Mini, MacBook Air and iMac. This software supports partition recovery from different Mac file systems such as FAT, EXFAT, HFS, HFS+ and HFSX. It is available online so download and recover partition from Mac systems.

Steps to Recover Bootcamp Missing After Mac Sierra Update

Download and install trial version of Remo Recover tool on your Mac system or PC to recover missing Bootcamp partition.

Step I: Launch the application to perform data recovery. From main screen, select Recover Volumes/Drives and choose Volume Recovery.

Step II: Select drive from which you want to recover Bootcamp partition and press next button in order to start drive scanning process.

Step III: Once scanning process is completed, you are able to Preview data according to various file signatures. It also provides option to store recovered files but with the licensed version.

Precautions for Missing Bootcamp Partition

Back UP!! Back UP!!!

It is an efficient way to come out from any catastrophic situation. Suppose you are upgrading to the latest macOS Sierra and if there is possibility that you lose important partition or drive due to some critical reasons. So it is a good choice to backup all important files.

Never Rush!!!

It obvious that user rush for cool and free stuffs and updates on internet. But, sometimes it might be responsible for data loss from system.

Prominent Features of Remo Recover Software

  • Compatible with all the versions of Mac operating system.
  • Recovers more than 300 file types including RAW photos and videos.
  • Save Recovery Session allows user to pause the recovery process anytime.
  • Technical support executive is available to fix the queries of customer about software.  

“I had two partitions in my Windows 7 computer, one is primary C: drive and the other is D: drive in which I stored all the files related to my personal as well as official files. As D: drive had very huge amount of files, I was finding very difficult to search for files, which I needed. So, I thought of creating one more partition to store my official files in it. As I was unaware of manual way of creating a new partition, I did it by downloading third party partitioning tool. I created a new partition with this third party tool successfully, but the existing partition D: drive is missing from my Windows 7 system. Please can anyone help me out to perform missing recovery partition Windows 7 computer? Thank you…!”

Well, it is the most common issue with most of the Windows 7 users. Not only Windows 7, any user who doesn’t have enough knowledge on creating a new partition faces this kind of problems. However, luckily missing recovery partition Windows 7 is possible with the help of professional data recovery software known as Remo Recover tool. Just relax and know few common scenarios that lead to the loss of partition on Windows 7, before going to know how to restore lost partition.

Usage of unreliable third party tools: Using unreliable and unauthorized third party tools to create a new partition can lead to loss of existing partition on your Windows 7 system

Virus/Malware infection: Some external threats like severe virus and malwares enter your system through infected external storage device or through download files that are virus infected. In case, if these viruses and malwares are very harmful, then you may lose your Windows 7 partition

Hard drive crash: Due to software malfunction, file system corruption, bad sectors, boot sector corruption, etc. can result in hard drive crash. As a result of hard drive crash, there are chances of losing your Windows 7 partition

Missing recovery partition Windows 7 with Remo Recover software:


Any partition contains lots of important files, obviously you will feel very sad after losing such huge amount of data from it. However, you need not feel that all your data has gone forever, as you can easily restore them back with the assistance of Remo Recover software in couple of clicks. This software supports to get back lost or deleted FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and ExFAT partitions on different types of hard drives such as SATA, PATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. For this, all you need to do is download, install, and run its free demo version on your Windows 7 computer. With its advanced scanning technique, it scans and recovers the lost partition in few easy steps. After the completion of scanning process, it permits you to preview all the recoverable files. To save the recovered files, you need to activate its complete edition. Please follow the link to know complete procedure to use this software

Features of Remo Recover tool:

  1. Remo Recover restores more than 300 types of files including audio files, videos, images, Microsoft Office files such as Word documents, PowerPoint files, PST files, spreadsheets, etc. games, system files, and many more
  2. Besides Windows 7, it also supports other versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, XP, Vista, Windows 2000, etc.
  3. With this utility, you can also recover lost or deleted data from external hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, pen drives, and other storage devices with utmost ease
  4. Provides 24/7 technical support in order to solve your queries related to recovering missing partitions on Windows 7 desktops and laptops

“Hi everyone, I need a solution to my problem. Actually, I had two partitions in my Windows 10 PC, so yesterday evening I thought of repartitioning my hard drive in order to create one more partition and turned on my system. At that time, by mistake I deleted a partition, which had hundreds of important files. Unfortunately, I don’t even have the backup of those files. It is really terrible disaster for me. Please can anyone suggest me a best solution to get back all my lost files? Thanks in advance”

Usually, Windows 10 users encounter such type of data loss problems due to one or the other reasons. Some of the common reasons due to which Windows users lose their important files from Windows 10 partition are mentioned below:

  1. Any sort of interruptions such as sudden power outage, forceful shutdown of the system during installation or reinstallation of Windows 10 operating system
  2. At times, when you want to format one of the partition of your Windows 10 hard drive, by mistake you may format a wrong partition instead of the required partition.
  3. Interruptions while resizing the existing partition of your Windows 10
  4. Occurrence of error message while upgrading older Windows to Windows 10 OS
  5. While performing some task on your system, accidentally you may select a partition and click on delete option, due to which partition gets deleted
  6. File system corruption, virus/malware infection, formation of bad sectors, etc. can also cause corruption of the partition, due to which the partition may become inaccessible.


The cases that are mentioned above really leads anyone to frustration mood. But, no need to become frustrate, because you can still recover your data with the help of trusted and reliable data recovery tool like Remo Recover tool. Unless and until you do not overwrite new files on the lost files, data recovery is much easier, as those lost files won’t be deleted or lost permanently from the system. Those files will still be intact on your system, but made invisible for you, as the pointer pointing to those files will be removed. Remo Recover software, with the help of its advanced scanning algorithms, scans your system thoroughly and recovers all your files in few simple steps.

One can evaluate the software by downloading and running its demo version at free of cost. The demo version of this partition recovery software Windows 10 thoroughly scans your Windows 10 system and recovers all the files within few clicks. Partition recovery Windows 10 has become quite easy with this software, as its simple and user friendly interface has made so simple and easy task for even novice users. Demo version has an advanced option “Save Recovery Session” option, so that after you purchase the licensed version, you do not have to waste your time by rescanning the hard drive. Instead, you can directly resume with the saved recovery session with the help of “Open Recovery Session” button in complete edition of the software.

Key Features of this Tool:

  1. Demo version has all the features same as the licensed version except save option. In demo version you can preview the recovered files either in File Type View or Data View. To save those recovered files at your desired location, you have to purchase the software.
  2. More than 300 types of files such as PowerPoint files, photos, videos, audio files, Word documents, PDF files, spreadsheets, etc. can be recovered using this software.
  3. Apart from partition recovery Windows 10, it also supports data recovery from partitions on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and 2008
  4. It recovers data from NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, and FAT32 formatted partitions
  5. This tool supports data recovery from RAID, RAID0, and RAID5 partitions

Partition deletion may be caused due to various reasons. As soon as realizing the situation, you need something to recover the deleted partition back to the drive. Remo Recover software is a tool which does Windows 10 deleted partition recovery in a quick and efficient way. The software is specialized in recovering data from partitions by applying some technical stuff in the actual disk drive. It has several built in functions which make the recover possible.

Characteristics of Remo Recover

  • Recover deleted partition windows 10Any computer beginner can use the software to recover deleted partition without any complications with its easy and friendly interface. The software can recover deleted files from any file system.
  • It has simple and powerful algorithms to recover files in a less span of time. All the versions of the software gives free “Preview” and you can also “Save” them on your disk.
  • This tool easily retrieves deleted, formatted and reformatted partitions at utmost ease.
  • Able to recover data from all hard disk drives regardless of the brands such as WD, Seagate, Toshiba, etc.
  • The tool is supported with all Windows OS such as Windows 7, 8 and 10 and all the file systems like NTFS/5, FAT16/32 and ExFAT.

Some Scenarios of Data Loss or Deletion

  • Installation of dual boot Operating Systems in computers. While installing multiple Operating Systems, there is chance that the partition data might get corrupted. This makes the data inaccessible and even deletes it.
  • Improper quitting of the system during portioning or any other system process, power surge may be responsible for loss of data in disk drives.
  • Conversion of file system from FAT to NTFS and vice versa without proper understanding of the system causes you to lose your valuable data. This is not advisable without enough understanding.
  • Master boot record corruption due to deletion of any system files in Windows 10. If it gets corrupted, there will be problems in booting and also deletes the data from hard drives.
  • Virus attacks, partition error, header file corruption in Windows partitions any many other factors decide the corruption in partitions. Thus you need to take certain severe actions for your system protection.

How to Recover Deleted Partition in Windows 10?

By using this software, you can see your data from the deleted partition in minutes. It uses advanced technologies to make the scanning and recovery fast. It uses very simple steps to carry out the whole scanning and recovery kind of things. The tool’s wizard will take care of all the things from choosing the deleted partition to recovering data and saving them on your disk. All it requires is few simple clicks by following the guidelines give in ach wizard. At the end, you can “Preview” the recovered files before saving them. If you opt, you can compress them before saving for the sake of saving the disk space. The full activated license of the software is needed for saving the files on your disk.

Partition is nothing but of dividing disk into several parts. By using this partition you store various kinds of data on it. Since each partition will work like a separate disk, there is no confusion for storing data.

Nevertheless, one or another day partitions may get lost or missing due to various reasons like virus attack, inadvertent formatting, unintended deletion, etc. Such scenarios can be overcome with Remo Recover software to retrieve lost windows 8 partition. Whatever may be the reason, this award-winning tool aids you to rescue missing files from Windows 8 partition within a couple of minutes

  • Human errors: Many a times, user might accidently click on delete option, while copying file from system to external device, results in loss of entire data present on it
  •  Improper De-fragmentation: Some times, users prefer to defrag their hard drive to access information in a faster way. Any sort of errors while doing this process or improper defragmentation can result in loss of files
  •  Upgrading OS: Sometimes, while upgrading the Windows 8 OS on your system as result of severe abrupt bugs the whole drive might become inaccessible which in turn leads to data loss
  •  Other scenarios: Sudden power failure while copying files on Windows 8 PC, inappropriate partitioning of the drive, improper use of cut and paste option, registry errors and some other scenarios will end with data loss.

How Remo Recover helps to get back missing files on Windows 8?

This tool is flexible recovery software that rescues all types of files from any sort of storage devices like thumb drive, USB drive, external hard disk, FireWire etc. The sole feature of this utility is it’s built in algorithms, which scans the entire hard disk with high speed to retrieve missing partitions. By making use of this program, even you can regain deleted RAID, RAID0 and RAID1 partitions. It helps you to rescue deleted partitions from different types of hard drive such as SATA, PATA, SCSI and IDE. The utility has the ability to identify about 300 file types without any difficulty. Sometimes drives get deleted or lost while repartitioning of hard disk that is removed or adding a new partition, resizing etc. can be regained using this software.

Remo Recover is the award winning utility because it supports a wide range of hard drive brands some of them are Buffalo, Apple, Dell, Hitachi, Toshiba, HP, Transcend etc. to restore partitions that are missing or inaccessible. The most important and benefit of using this application is, one can easily retrieve missing files from Widows 8 partition, without having technical knowledge about it. This utility has the capability to recover different file formats like MOV, ORF, ZIPX, 3GP, SR2, CRW, VSD, AIFF, FLA, ZIP, DOCX, FLC etc. It even supports the recovery of missing files from system; refer this URL for more information

Few Precautionary steps must follow to avoid missing of data from Windows 8

  • Must scan your system with updated anti-virus tool, atleast once in a week to get free from virus attack
  • User must maintain the back-up of the precious data on other storage devices
  • Before copying or retrieving data from external device, check whether that device is free from virus or not
  • Before shutting down your system, you must close all your application avoid downloading videos, documents, movies from insecure and un-trusted sites

Today, the technologies are developed in such a path particularly in the field of electronic devices is amazing. The growth of electronic devices started from the typewriter and till date it has not stopped that shows its improvisation. The benefits that crowd has picked up from typewriters, computers, storage devices, servers, laptops, Smartphones are unexceptable. One such device which has become so regular everywhere is laptops. Laptops are like your PC that performs all the operations like your system however as the name suggest it could be kept on the lap or anyplace as its weight is less. There are numerous manufacturers of laptop like Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Compaq and so forth. In that the well-known laptop is Compaq. Presently let us a have a idea regarding Compaq.

Compaq Computer Corporation is an organization established in 1982 that involves themselves in the generation of computers and the parts related it. Individuals were impressed seeing the features given by the Compaq and backed them in all the possible way. Compaq Presario C700 laptop is one of the best form that is provided for the users. There are numerous excellent features that are available in  Compaq Presario C700  laptop and some of them are wide display, life time of the battery, remote technologies that are implicit, different applications and softwares could be introduced thus the crowd are extremely agreeable. Having all these fabulous features there are still issues faced by the people and by chance you have encountered don’t stress!!! There is an answer called Remo Recover software that might be utilized in order to recover your lost data in less time. For more points of recovery process make use of the specified URL

The situations responsible for data loss in Compaq Presario C700 Laptop are:

Virus attack

Compaq Presario C700 Laptop support different softwares to get introduced for performing the operations as per the present technologies. In such times if any of your software is infected from any kind of virus that may prompts for some the important data deletion and even a portion of partition may be inaccessible.

Partition table corruption

Partitions are the areas present on hard disk, any number of partitions can be done on the hard disk that depends on the user. Partition table comprises of extremely vital information like size, area, file type and so on, if a portion of the table is altered then that may cause partition table corruption.


Repartitioning is a methodology of resizing the hard disk that includes the partition table also. While performing this one who is doing should have proper knowledge regarding it, that generally may result in the deletion of partitions present in Compaq Presario C700 laptop.

Why Remo Recover??

Remo Recover is one of the optimal software that determines all the issues identified with partition in Compaq Presario C700 Laptop and even in the various laptops. The recovery algorithms that are implicit can restore the lost partition in a brief time. It will make the Disk image utility on bad sectors that are available on hard disk so the recovery of information later will be simple without any challenges. The different variants of Windows operating system like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista can use it. The file systems like Fat16, Fat32, NTFS utilized by Compaq Presario C700 Laptop can exploit this product. Separated from the above issue it can additionally be utilized to regain back the partitions from Windows 8 and for more information browse here .

Points to remember

• Without prior knowledge don’t perform any operations related to the partition

• If there is sudden partition table corruption, stop the new actions immediately

• Make use of reliable third party tools

Many people split the hard disk into several partitions. Doing partitions have some more advantages as you can conserve important computer data in accordance with your tactics and assign space depending on your selection and obtain files effortlessly based on regularity of usage. Nevertheless, managing partitions may result in some serious disasters. When you wish to delete one of several partition which can be inaccessible in your case because of severe virus attack, then you decide to go with antivirus software to scan that partition but fail to achieve that process. So without option to save another partitions from virus infection in hurry you choose the wrong drive and delete it containing vital data, this kind of circumstance result in the loss of huge data.
To manage this sort of scenario there is an ultimate software generally known as Remo Recover to rescue lost or deleted partitions within short brief time. To find out more information and gratification of this utility, just download and install the demo type of software on the system with simple measures and then execute the program that displays all of the partitions, now choose the lost drive from which you would like to revive info. It starts scanning process and shows you all files contained with that drive. In case, you are delighted using the application and would like to save gained result then you need to have full edition.
To set up this software your RAM size must be minimum of 1 GB, but as per the technical team of this product recommends 2 GB RAM for installation. Through the use of the program, you can also regain deleted partitions from different versions of Windows based PC for example Microsoft Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003 or Windows 2008.
Frequent Reasons Where Windows Partitions get Delete or Lost are as follows:
Besides accidental deletion of partition there are many additional circumstances responsible some of them are
• When you wish to format one of several partitions on your PC, which can be inaccessible on account of any reason then you might mistakenly choose the other drive and format it, this type of disaster results in lose all data.
• Before re-partitioning you need to take proper backup of the drive, in the case if the task fails and you also don’t have the backup, then you can result in losing information contained in it.
• Sometimes partitions could get corrupt because of a severe virus attack.
• Partitions could get deleted because of utilization of 3rd party applications.
If you ever encounter this sort of situations then you don’t need to get upset because you can regain deleted or lost partition info by utilizing restore partition Windows software.
Why to Use Remo Recover
This application has the capacity to recover data from formatted, reformatted and deleted partitions effectively. It can be familiar with each of the Windows file systems like NTFS5, FAT 32, FAT26, ExFAT and NTFS partitions. The tool is non destructive because while retrieving files from partition, it doesn’t modify the original file. By empowering the utility you can also restore data from storage devices having bad sectors by creating a precise copy of it. This software is designed with a number of experts with integrated algorithms to scan the entire hard disk drive and also to rescue lost, missing or deleted partition data with short time.
While downloading this utility in case you face any issue then immediate contact to the support team for help 24*7.