“Hi, is there any photo recovery software for Sony Handycam to recover pictures from Sony Handycam? Actually, today morning, I was removing unwanted files from my Sony Handycam to free the memory space. Later, I came to know that while deleting useless files, I accidentally deleted few memorable images of my life along with useless pictures. Those pictures are very important to me, so please can anyone help me out to recover my photos? Thanks in advance…!”

Well, it is the most common issues with many Sony handycam users nowadays. However, you need not worry, as Sony Handycam photo recovery has become so easy and simple task with one of the best photo recovery software named Remo Recover. Prior learning how to use this software to retrieve images from Sony Handycam, you need to know the reasons behind photo loss from Sony Handycam, so that those mistakes can be avoided in future

  1. As described above, you may accidentally delete your important photos while erasing useless and unwanted images from your Sony Handycam. Or else, you may accidentally press Delete All button, while previewing files on your handycam
  2. The images that you capture when your Sony handycam displays low battery warning message, can go missing
  3. You may format the memory card of your Handycam knowingly or unknowingly forgetting to back up your images can lead to permanent deletion of entire files
  4. Using the same memory card on different handycams or cameras can sometimes lead to data loss
  5. Virus/malware infection, memory card’s file system corruption, deletion by third party tools like antivirus, presence of bad sectors, interruptions during photos transfer from Handycam to computer or vice versa, etc. are the other scenarios that cause data loss

Software to retrieve images from Sony Handycam:


As soon as you lose your pictures from Sony Handycam, stop using it in order to prevent overwriting of photos. Then, use Remo Recover software, which is a professional photo recovery software for Sony Handycam that recovers almost all formats of images such as TIFF, GIF, NEF, JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, DNG, CRW, CR2, ARW, etc. All you need to do is just make use of its free trial edition by downloading and installing it on your system in order to evaluate the tool before purchase. It scans your entire camcorder with its sophisticated scanning technology and recovers missing or deleted images in short span of time. Then, it facilitates you to preview the recovered images. If you are satisfied with the software, then activate the software and save the recovered images at your destination place.

Prominent features of Remo Recover:

  1. This utility recovers images, videos, audio files, Microsoft Office files, games, system files, application files, and many more in just few clicks
  2. Supports Sony Handycam photo recovery on almost all Windows OS starting from Windows 2000 to a latest version i.e., Windows 10
  3. It also has an ability to retrieve data from computer’s internal as well as external hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, pen drives, thumb drives, FireWire drives, and so on
  4. You are facilitated to save the recovery session in demo version itself, to avoid rescanning of the device to recover data while running the licensed edition
  5. It is simple, but very effective tool that supports photo recovery from various models of Sony Handycam like DCR-PJ6E, CX240E/B, DCR-SX22E, and many more

Take care of these things to avoid data loss:

  1. Never capture images when your Sony Handycam warns you with low battery state warning message
  2. It is always safer to have one or more copies of your memorable photos in order to avoid data loss
  3. Don’t remove the memory card from the Handycam abruptly while capturing or transferring images to other device

Remo Recover:photo recovery

Remo recover is the best photo recovery software for Windows that recovers erased or lost pictures which is having different file formats such as .jpeg, .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .tiff, .psd, .png and many more. This tool is specifically designed and developed to recover media file types which includes digital photos, audio, video and digital RAW photos which is captured by using professional DSLRs. Remo recover application consists of a powerful advanced algorithm to recover RAW photo files of all popular formats like CR2, CRW, PEF, NEF etc. After the completion of recover process you can view the recovered photo by using the inbuilt preview option and also this tool provides you save recovery session to avoid rescanning of drives again in future.

Salient features of Remo Recover toolkit:

  • Remo Recover software can detect and recover more than 300 different file types including photo files, audio files, documents files and many more.
  • This tool recovers lost photos from professional DSLR cameras and camcorders of popular brands including Nikon, Panasonic, Kodak, Canon, etc.
  • After the completion of recover process you can save the recovered photos to any desired storage location which is accessible by Windows operating system.
  • All the recovered photos are displayed in the form of list after recover process and the restored files can be sorted based on name, size, date and file type.

Advantages of Remo Recover software:

  • This tool can recover photos from all the versions of Windows operating system like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.
  • Remo Recover software is very much safe and secure application because it is free from malware or virus infections and it does not affect your system files or any other data after installation.
  • Demo version of this software is available without any cost so you can check the efficiency and performance by recovering all your photos before purchasing the licensed version.
  • Remo recover software is non destructive where it works in read only mode and it does not modify or alter to the drive or partition from where it is recovering photos.

When Remo recover software is helpful:

  • Accidently formatting the memory card or partitions were your photos are stored and because of human errors.
  • Because of virus or malware infections you will not be able to access few photos.
  • Because of the hard drive crash, partitioning errors, application malfunction and many more reasons.

Steps to install Remo Recover:

  • Download and install Remo recover software on to your Windows operating system; start the application by double clicking on the icon.
  • Select Recover Photos icon and choose the physical drive from where you want to recover your lost or deleted photos. Click on Next button to start the recover process.
  • After the completion of recover process you can preview the recovered photo by using the inbuilt Preview option.
  • Finally you can save the restored photos by using save option which is available only in the licensed version.

The most common situation at time faced by every computer user is accidental deletion or deleting pictures on overlook when deleting unwanted photos. After deleting those photos people come to know importance of those pictures and worries about recovery. Luckily one may restore from recycle bin if they choose normal deletion. But after choosing “shift + delete” option it comes matter to use some third party application to recover those pictures. If this has happened to you, don’t panic. There are several ways to recover deleted or lost pictures from folder on Windows system. Before going to know the solution for this kind of problem, go through the below listed scenarios where you may lose your essential photos from folder on system:

  • Deleting folder containing important photos instead of choosing some other unwanted folder from system can erase all your important photos present in that folder.
  • Installing mistrusted third party application on your system can delete some of your photos present in folder.
  • Virus or malware attacks on folder present on system can erase entire picture files present in that folder.
  • Sometimes, you may lose your valuable images from folders during Cut-Paste operation for transferring files to other folders.
  • Unintentional formatting of system hard drive can make you lose folders present in it as well as images stored in the folder.

When you lost your valuable photos from folder after encountering any of these above mentioned situations, don’t get worried. In all the above photo loss situations, your pictures won’t get deleted permanently from system. The photos from folder on system get permanently erased, when that image space is occupied with other file content. Hence, it is advised to use photo recovery software as soon as possible after photo loss incidence has taken place. By making use of advanced recovery tool, you can easily recover photos from a particular date present on the computer. Also, the tool can recover deleted pictures from GoPro Camera and other storage media as well.

Details about secure Software Remo Recover:

Remo Recover Windows Software is an excellent photo recovery tool. When you delete any picture that is stored in PC, they are not lost permanently. The file system of assigns a delete tag to the deleted file, which specifies that the space occupied by the corresponding files is ready to be overwritten. Remo Recover Software can identify these delete tag and in turn recover data from them efficiently. This tool recovers lost files based on the signature of files that are unique to individual types.

Remo Recover Software is a simple, yet powerful recovery tool. It is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac OS; hence the users can work with this software without any compatibility issues. It allows the user to view the recovered files from your system prior to restoration, which filters the recovery of unwanted files, thus saving valuable. In addition, it is a safe and secure recovery tool that is free from any kind virus or malwares.

In addition, this utility is an integrated tool that can carry out media file recovery along with basic file recovery from SD cards, XD cards, MMC cards, SDHC cards, etc. It even has an ability to recover data from SD cards suffering from bad sectors by creating a replica. It also supports recovery of files from FAT 16. FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5, HFS+, HFSX and ExFAT file systems.

General precautions to avoid pictures loss:

  • Use safe and secure antivirus tools.
  • Check once and make sure for back-up of pictures before formatting the SD card.
  • Don’t share SD cards with too many other devices.

Learn an easy way for recovering deleted / missing pictures and videos taken using GoPro digital camera:

General problems faced by GoPro users:

“Before I get panicked, somebody please convey me that all the erased videos and pics that I shot using my GoPro Hero 2 HD camera are still recoverable. I am a king of person who is not so good at handling tech and I mistakenly erased all the movies and photos which are very important to me. The videos were saved in .mp4 file format on a microSD card with my GoPro camera and were about 8 GB size overall. So please educate me about how to restore deleted videos and all other media from a GoPro camera.”

GoPro HD cameras:

GoPro HD cameras are one of the finest companions for people on adventurous journeys – it can be taken to places and can excel where no other digital camera will be ever able to. Videos and images clicked by this shooter are nothing short of high quality.

Images or movies shot on such occasions are undoubtedly very precious to you and it is understandable that you are about to get panicked after accidentally deleting or losing all videos from your GoPro camcorder. To relieve you of your grief, all snaps and videos that are deleted from your GoPro cam are not gone forever, and all of them can be recovered by following the instructions mentioned in this article.

Performing GoPro video recovery the reliable way:

This article will tutor you to recover GoPro videos with proper usage of Remo Recover media recovery software in simple steps. Also, this is the most advanced tool to recover pictures from a particular date.

The step by step instructions to get back deleted videos and images from GoPro camera:

First of all, quit using the GoPro camera memory card immediately after data loss has occurred. When any file is erased from a storage device, all of that file’s data will still be saved on that memory itself, but it is no longer visible to the user. This is because the OS has removed the address to locate those contents from the file system, and the file’s space is marked as free available space for further usage. If you use that device, the camera may write data on it and the old files may get replaced. Hence it becomes absolutely necessary not to use the SD card if you want to execute data recovery on it.

  • Download and install Remo Recover media recovery tool on a Windows or Mac computer. (You can find the download buttons in the main page of Remo Recover – just follow the above given link)
  • Once installed, make the memory card accessible on your PC, either using a card reader or the directly camera via USB
  • Run the software to view its main screen and follow the simple on-screen instructions to complete the recovery process
  • Preview all recovered videos and other media and save them back to any location of your choice

Go through this page to know a simple and secure way of recovering all deleted images from a pen drive, external hard disk device, memory cards, memory sticks, and the like from a Windows running computer with the help of Remo Recover utility. This powerful software is one of the most trusted media recovery utilities for restoring all kinds of media files from USB pen drives. It helps you find back lost or erased images, movies and music files from all types of external memory storage devices.

Brief introduction about the software:

Remo Recover is a complete package to carry out recovery of media files for all Windows as well as Mac supported computers. It is an expert tool in recovering all formats of media files on all external / internal media storage volumes and flash memory drives. Using this tool, you can efficiently recover deleted photos from pen drive which are deleted, missing or are unusable due to any of the known or unknown problems.

Some examples of scenarios where Remo Recover can be employed:

Here are some of the commonly occurring occasions on which Remo Recover tool can be utilized in order to get important photos and other files back:

  • Files erased accidentally or unintentionally: Pictures or any other data can get deleted from any removable media storage devices such as a pen drive due to various forms of human errors. For example, deleting important contents mistakenly, getting important data deleted while performing some other tasks, and so on
  • Pen drive format and re-format: All data that is stored on a pen drive will get removed completely if you format or re-format the device
  • Pen drive malfunctions: All photos and other data from a pen drive can get inaccessible or erased on account of physical device corruption, device inaccessibility, physical damage or other critical problems
  • Improper usage of pen drives: Data from pen drives can get harmed due to the removal of the pen drives unexpectedly from a computer while accessing its contents. Also these flash devices can get damaged as a result of frequent switching between multiple computers and other gadgets

Additional benefits of using Remo Recover software:

Remo Recover tool is designed to have a simple and easily understandable user interface that helps even the basic computer users to operate it with ease, at the comforts of their homes. In addition to this, the tool allows you to scan for the erased pictures on the basis of date of creation or a particular file format such as .jpeg, .raw, .png, .gif, etc. All recovered photo files from the pen drive can be viewed from within the software’s built-in preview panel before storing them back to any safe location of your choice.

“Hi, I unintentionally deleted some important videos while deleting unwanted ones from my Mac. I am most bothered about loss of videos because those are all my tutorial videos which are very much important to me. I want to recover those videos. Are there any recovery tools available for videos? If yes, then please suggest me some genuine one.”

The problem of video loss is very much frequent among computer users these days. In general, people who come across such video loss situations might be unaware of the reasons behind data loss and have no idea of how to recover those lost videos.

Mostly, people encounter data loss issues which are caused by accidental deletion of files, formatting or reformatting hard drive and some other common reasons. Few years before there were no solutions for such kind of data loss issues rather than worrying for data loss. But now, due to advancement in technology data experts have developed tools for lost videos recovery like Remo Recover software to restore all your lost videos.

Causes for Data Loss on Mac:

File System Corruption: It is one of the major causes that results in data loss. Since file system plays a major role in managing the record of individual files that are saved in the hard disk. Corruption or failure of file system will result in data inaccessibility.

Improper Shutdown: Certain times people will be in hurry and they shut down their Mac system improperly may result in loss of videos.

Virus Infection: Of course, Mac systems are highly secured but there are chances that your Macintosh will be prone to virus attack like phishing attacks, Trojan horses and some online frauds which results in losing of data including video files on your computer.

Improper Transfer: People will use portable data carriers like pen drives, SD cards etc to transfer their data from computer to external device or vice versa using CTRL+C and CTRL+V operations. Sudden removal of the device from computer while transferring data will cause you loss of your video files.

Errors in Programs: There are many third party applications available in online to open and play video files. But if those apps contain some bugs or errors, then it may result in crash of application which in turn causes loss of video files.

There are lots of data recovery tools available in the market, but choosing the best software has become a tough task. Don’t worry; Remo Recover is the effective solution for all your data loss problems. The software is capable of restoring all kinds of video files which were lost due to any of the above mentioned reasons.

Fantastic features of Remo Recover:

  • Recovers all file types like images, videos, audios, documents with file extensions .jpg, .png, .mp3, .mp4, .pdf etc from any HFS/HFS+ file system based hard drives.
  • Tuned for all Mac OS X versions like 10.10, 10.9, 10.8 etc.
  • Restores all deleted video files with their original names.
  • Able to get back data from inaccessible, unmountable and non bootable drives.
  • Performs data recovery on hard disks, external hard disks, pen drives, iPod etc.
  • Smart enough to recover entire Mac drive or only the files you need.


Download the demo version of Remo Recover software for lost videos recovery. You will be able to restore all the lost files by going through just few interactive steps. The software scans your Mac OS X and allows you to view the recovered videos using preview option. Save those recovered video files as soon as recover process gets completed.

“Hey friends, I got stuck with a big problem where deletion of few photos from laptop had put me into helpless situation.

Few days ago I have borrowed a laptop from one of my friend to complete my college project assignment. During this time, I have saved few images that I have downloaded via Internet, these images are required for my project work.

After completion of my project work I wanted to delete photos that I have downloaded, but while performing this operation, I have mistakenly selected other images which are present on that laptop and deleted them.

Now, I want to recover images from laptop so that I can easily get back all those pictures which belongs to my friend. As the time period is very short to carryout operation of deleted photos recovery from laptop by trial and error method, therefore I am in search of a tool which will help me in retrieving deleted pictures from laptop in quick time.

Is there any such tool on which I can blindly believe? Is there any such tool for which recovering deleted photos from laptop is just a matter of time? Please provide the useful information on this and assist me to get from this helpless situation.”

Does something sounds similar to your situation? Are you also looking for such magical software which will restore deleted photos from your laptop in quick time?

Then hold on…! As you are at right place, where you will be getting the best ever software which helps you in recovering deleted photos from laptop on Windows system.

Yes, Remo Recover Windows is an amazing tool that will help you in restoring deleted photos from laptop in countable minutes. This software is designed and developed with most powerful code, which is capable to bring back deleted pictures in very quick time.

Remo Recover Windows tool is tough enough to support all the latest Windows Operating System versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Why Remo Recover Windows to recover deleted photo from laptop?

  • This software can be easily downloaded & installed on Windows PC
  • The tool recovers deleted or lost photos from laptop easily
  • It supports restoration of pictures that are deleted using Shift + delete keys
  • It allows you to restore deleted images from both internal storage devices and external storage devices
  • You can quickly take preview of recovered deleted photos prior to save
  • To save your precious time, this software allows you to save recovery session by which you can skip re-scanning of the same drive in future

What all are the circumstances that lead to image deletion from laptop?

Accidental deletion:  This happens when you choose images to perform some edit operation, but while doing this task you accidentally delete the file. When this task is carried out you need to perform restoration operation if you do not have back up of that image

Emptied Recycle Bin: When you delete the pictures by usual way, it will be sent to Recycle Bin in Windows Operating System. But, when the limit of Recycle Bin exceeds, you need to empty it in order to make use of it. During this moment if you forget to restore the images that you wanted, then emptying of Recycle Bin will completely vanish the data present on it and you lose the last chance of restoring images in ordinary way that Windows OS provides.

Virus attack: Viruses are the programs which are written to harm the data which is present on storage device. Sometimes, it happens that a harmful virus will enter your system and severely damages the image and at last it will delete that image from the system without your knowledge

Human error: Assume that you are working on some image file, and after completion of your work you decided to move that file from one location to another. To make it happen, you select the file and perform “Cut” operation on it, but you forget to perform “Paste” operation on destination path and turn off the laptop; this mistake will end up in picture file deletion

Precaution is always better than cure:

As the great quote says “Precaution is always better than cure’, therefore you can follow the below steps and preserve your precious picture files.

  • Always take backup of your important images on regular interval
  • Prefer to take backup of pictures on some permanent storage devices like CD/DVD
  • Avoid making use of untrusted third party tool unless and until you know what operation they performs on your system

Simple steps to make use of Remo Recover application:

Step 1: Quickly download and install free version of Remo Recover on your Windows system

Step 2: Execute the application and select “Recover Photos” option

Step 3: Now select the option that indicates “Recover Deleted Photos

Step 4: Now choose the drive from which you want to recover deleted photos and click on Next button.

Step 5: After complete scan, you can view recovered images list in either “File Type View” or “Data View

Step 6: Take a preview of the images that has been recovered and save recovery session to save the time by avoiding re-scan of already scanned drive

In the present world everybody wants the electronic gadgets that are very popular in terms of company, using the latest technology to purchase them. Earlier, people were not much interested and aware of storage devices. As the man power and technologies around them are getting upgraded even their thinking is changing and adopting their lifestyle accordingly. One such electronic device used by most of them from professionals to common man to store all the essential data is Hard drive. Hard drive is one of the storage device used to store data files, media files like photos, videos and so on. Hard drives are divided into partitions in order to store different file formats that make its user comfortable while searching.

One among the hard drive that is used commonly with excellent features is Dell hard drive. Dell hard drive is a storage device used to store data, media files like photos, videos, movies etc. Using the hard drives people got to know that they can keep all their files, folders, memories that are special for long time. Some of the features of Dell hard drive are portable, user friendly, size, supports all types of devices etc. Let us take an example, with help of all these significant features people store the photos taken from digital camera in order to keep their happy movements alive and while recalling suddenly by mistake if they click delete option leads to data loss. But don’t worry!!! There is a best software solution called Remo Recover to restore images on Mac within a less span of time.

Some of the reasons for data loss in Dell hard drive:

Virus infected system

During the data transfer from one device to another or vice versa. If you connect the hard drive to the system that is infected from virus will results in data loss.

Third party tools

Usage of the unauthorized third party tools in order to protect our computer or to perform different operations might sometimes delete the sensitive data due to interruptions without user’s confirmation.

Other common reasons

Sudden power failure, improper shut down of the PC, inaccurate ejection of the hard drive, updating the operating system to the latest version, file system corruption like this there are lot more reasons that results in data loss.

 Spectacular features of Remo Recover

 Remo Recover is one the best software to retrieve lost from any kind of hard drive. It is simple to install and use, so that the common people can take advantage of it. In very less time it can scan and restore the lost data from the entire drive. Creates Disk image utility on bad sectors present on hard drive using which it is easy to recover data later. With help of an option called preview users can view the los data before restoration on the destination. Remo Recover is optimal software to restore data for more information about the software and recovery process visit http://www.remorecover.com/windows/recover-data-from-dell-hard-drive.html.

Key points to remember to avoid the problem that causes data loss:

  • Keep back up of your files
  • Don’t connect Dell hard drive to the infected system.
  • Use the third party tools that are reliable.



Picasa is modern photo organizer program that will help you to create, edit, find, share, manage and do many more things with your pictures on computer / laptop. With this amazing utility you can instantly detect & sort all your photos on systems by creating folders. Picasa makes sure that all your memorable photos stay well organized on your system by just one click. But in spite of its perks there are downsides, as it is noticed, that some of the Picasa picture folder may go missing under some unfavorable circumstance leaving its user to with the question, how to perform recovery of missing pictures from Picasa folder?

Basically Picasa users, view all their images using Picasa tool. However, it is launched by Google for the users who love to edit and work with photos, but not able to operate complex software. This is why it has easy to operate graphical user interface and need no expertise to work with. In spite this, it is often seen that users suffer loss of pictures from Picasa. Here are some of the common scenarios are mentioned below that makes Picasa folder go missing from your computer.

Incorrect termination of application: While working Picasa on your system, there are chances that application gets terminated suddenly, due to some internal errors or because of power surge, which will result is missing of Picasa folder from your system.

User mistake: The most common reason for Picasa missing picture folder is human slip ups, as one might delete pictures from Picasa assuming that deleting photos will not affect the original images on your hard drive. And later realizing the mistake, after noticing that some of pictures deleted from Picasa, are missing on your hard drive

Use of third party software: Being a computer user you may find a need to make use of software, which is quite common. But use of unsecure tool on your system may lead some Picasa pictures go missing. One such example is running antivirus software to safeguard your system may result in deletion of photos or complete Picasa folder.

Use of system restore: At times use of System Restore option on your Windows computer without taking backup may become a reason for missing Picasa picture folder, as it undo all the recent changes made to system by restoring it to a previously set restore point and make you face data crisis.

Is it possible to execute Picasa missing folder pictures recovery?

Relax..! Recovering missing Picasa picture folder may not be that difficult with Remo Recover, as this incredible tool comes with exciting features. Its in-built scanning algorithms scan the complete hard drive sector by sector and make sure each and every missing picture is recovered from the drive. However tool comes with simplest of GUI, because of which a non technical user can also retrieve images from Picasa that are accidentally deleted, lost after hard drive corruption and went missing because of some unfriendly data disasters. “Find” option provided by Remo Recover help you in quick recovery of files with particular file type. Besides this you can easily sort the recovered data based on size, name, date and file type in few couple of minutes. Software can be makes used to retrieve pictures from hard drive, pen drive, external hard drive and other memory storage drives. By making use of its strong recovery techniques you can recover pictures from formatted, reformatted, repartitioned drives in few simple clicks.

Some features of this tool are:

  •  Retrieve data from the all types of hard drives and flash drives with ease
  • Offers an early look of retrieved Picasa pictures on all Windows versions
  • Comes with free technical support that is available 24/7

Few points to remember:

  •  one should take precautions like using power backup in order to avoid sudden system termination due to power surge
  • Maintain a good updated backup of data

Nowadays, most of us prefer to use the photographic camera to capture their beautiful moments, which they have spent with lovable ones. As everyone knows that, photos play very vital role in human life to keep their memories alive. Majority of people store their significant photos on windows based machine or any other external storage device thinking they are very safe on it. However, fact is one or another day the pictures stored on these devices may get delete or lost even after taking all the precautionary steps due to some undisaster situations. Losing precious moments is heartbreaking. In this situation, many people lose hope to retrieve even a single image thinking they are permanently lost.

Are you looking to recover your lost or deleted photos from Windows OS? If yes, then how will you retrieve? Do you have any idea, in the event, if you do not know then just relax because after seeing all the photo loss problems professionals have developed one utility know as Remo Recover. By employing this tool, you can easily get back your deleted or lost photos from Windows operating system.

Before understanding the recovery procedure, you must be aware how photos get delete from Windows OS. Here are the few scenarios listed below:

Unintentional Deletion: When you want to delete unwanted stuff from computer to get extra space for storing other data, at that time, you may select some folders containing significant photos and delete it using shift + delete key combination, this type of situation leads to data loss.

Due to MBR corruption: Hard drive uses Master Boot Record that is MBR to load the OS during the boot process. In some circumstances, MBR might get corrupt due to virus or malware attack. When your computer reads the infected MBR, the virus instructs it to run the code stored on several locations, after executing this virus makes the entire hard disk memory inaccessible. This type of situation leads to huge amount of data loss.

Power surge: If power fails frequently when hard drive is performing read or write operation, this type of situation might affect hard disk sternly. Aside to this, system gets abrupt shutdown due to continues power fluctuation may cause bad sectors on hard disk and leads to data loss.

In addition to these, there are few more reasons responsible for photo loss from Windows operating system such as unexpected system shut down, hard drive crash, due to bad sectors, accidental formatting, interruption in file transfer etc. If you want to get out from this problem easily then just empower this tool to recover photos from Windows operating system.

Ultimate Features of Remo Recover for Retrieving Photos from Windows OS

Remo Recover software is capable to recover photos from formatted, reformatted, corrupted partition and re-partitioned hard disk in safe manner.

Industry experts has designed this utility with powerful built in algorithms to scan the entire Windows based machine within short span of time to reclaim deleted or lost photos.

The tool even has the capacity to rescue music deleted from iTunes effortlessly.

The software is compatible with all versions of operating system like Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc. to revive deleted photos utmost ease.

The application even performs signature search to recognize all types of files like video, audio, movie files, text files and other vital files based on their unique signature.

Even you can restore deleted RAW image formats supported by professional DSLR camera by employing this utility.