QuickTime is a multimedia framework developed by Apple Inc. It provides a common set of API’s for encoding and decoding videos, audios in a QuickTime movie file format. This player has the ability to handle various formats like WAV, 3GP, QTFF, MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG etc. The QuickTime files stored on Mac machine may get lost or delete due to technical issues or operating system crash etc.

For instance, consider a factor, Assume you are shooting a video with your HD camera that stores the videos in MP4 or MOV format and unexpectedly it stops working. Therefore, for this reason you connect the camera to your Mac system to copy treasured videos but get surprised because entire stuff were gone and somehow you managed to recover quicktime files Mac using recovery program. However, when you tried to play the files in QuickTime it exhibits an error message “cannot play the file” or error 2048” etc. This sort of situation takes place due to unreliable recovery software. You can overcome from this situation very easily by employing industry experts designed tool – Remo Recover.

Liable Reasons to Lose QuickTime Files from Mac OS X are as Follows:

Indecent Termination of Transfer Process: The QuickTime files get damaged when any error occurs in the structure of file or bit pattern. Usually the file structure gets corrupt when unexpected power fails or sudden system shutdown at the time of transferring process cause input \ output operation to terminate and leaves the files in inconsistent format and finally results in corruption issues.

Unsupported Media Player: Opening QuickTime files on unsupported media player can corrupt its header and results in inaccessible of data. Sometimes in stern case, it can modify and damage QuickTime application file.

Unplanned Deletion of QuickTime Files: Ever computer user one or other day tend to delete the unwanted files from their Mac machine in order to get additional space for storing other valuable files. While performing this task, there are many chances that you may select significant QuickTime files and execute Command + Shift + Delete key, this type of circumstance results in permanent data loss.

Beyond from above stated reasons there are several other scenarios such as converting QuickTime files to other format, unintentional formatting of volume containing QuickTime files, storage media corruption, file system corruption, improper device usage, operating system malfunctioning etc. If you are facing QuickTime files loss from any of these reasons then no requirement to get fret because by empowering Remo Recover software, you can easily get back the QuickTime files.

Remo Recover Striking Features

The software is safe and secure in retrieving deleted, lost, corrupted QuickTime files from Mac OS X because it is read only tool and free from virus threats. Remo Recover program is designed with superior integrated algorithms so it takes short duration of time to scan entire Mac hard disk to restore QuickTime files. The tool has the competent in retrieving QuickTime files from HFS +, HFS X, FAT 32, FAT 16 file system volumes utmost ease. In case, if you are facing difficulty to play large recovered videos using demo version and not getting the solution why such type of incidence is happening then click here to get the answer.