APK stands for Application Package File and it is a file format used to allocate and install software typically for games and applications on Android operating system. It is a file extension in the open handset alliance which is a cell phone podium based on Linux. This is produced chiefly while using Google Android SDK (Software Development Kit) issued by Google in order to offer developers with a inclusive set of programs for building Android apps. APK contains resource files, code files and the Android Manifest XML file extension.

In case, if the APK file is deleted, damaged or corrupted due to any reasons, then it is not possible to enjoy features of many applications on your Android Smartphone. Therefore, in order to take pleasure of all apps like photo application, games, media player etc. then you have to take help from proficient third party tool that sustains Android recovery APK.

Nowadays, Android operating system is popular across the world because of its ultimate features that is why there are very less trusted tools available in market for data recovery for Android device. Among such software’s one trustworthy award winning utility to rescue APK files from Android device is Remo Recover for Android. This program is designed with most advanced technology for recovery and it provides you the assurance of totally risk free APK recovery within a couple of minutes.

Few scenarios where APK files get delete or lost from Android device are stated below:

Virus attack: Android device are prone to virus intrusion. Virus may enter into your device while downloading some files or applications through untrusted sites. Sometimes these viruses may delete or corrupt your application package file or change the complete structure of APK files on your Smartphone.

File transfer interruption: While transferring data from Smartphone to PC or vice versa through data cable, if you suddenly remove the cable from system, then there might be chance of losing some vital files from Phone due to interruption in transferring process.

Sudden Reboot: Sometimes in a hurry, without seeing the battery status of Android phone, you go for accessing application files at that time, if your Smartphone gets turnoff due to low battery then there might be a chance of losing APK files. In the event, if you do not have the backup of your crucial APK file, then you will lose them.

Apart from this, there are several other reasons for deletion of APK files like faulty upload method, unintentional deletion of .obb file, expired URL, Android OS corruption, improper handling of Smartphone etc. If you come across the scenarios which are mentioned above then do not get offend because you can easily get back deleted or lost APK files with few mouse clicks by utilizing Remo Recover software.

Why to Use Remo Recover for Android APK Recovery

This tool is too fast in retrieving deleted or lost APK files. It has the ability to scan both internal and external memory of your Android device within short span of time and rescues APK files in a safe and secure manner. Moreover, it also supports us to regain videos, photos, audio files from different memory cards like SD, XD, SDHC etc. on different versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8,7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

How to prevent APK file loss from Android device

The most important thing you have to do is, maintain a proper backup of your Android data

At regular interval of time, you have to scan your device with proficient antivirus software

You must not save any data on Obb / directory, to make APK files safe.

In the event, if you are having question like how to restore deleted files on Android, then first go for demo version and clear all your doubts regarding performance and queries.