“Hey! I am a customary user of Windows operating system, whenever there is new software or updated software discharged like iTunes library, Microsoft applications, Adobe Photoshop and so on. I simply download it from websites. Like always, the day before yesterday, I installed the new form of VLC player media from an unsecured site due to which my system got contaminated from the virus. In order to defeat virus attack, I utilized Kaspersky antivirus software, while scanning process it has erased some of the files without informing to its user. Can I retrieve the deleted files from Kaspersky antivirus?”

The virus is a harmful bug that gets moved to the computer from numerous points of view like through web when downloading some of the applications while recovering data files from infected hard drives and much more. The virus is a code that can replicate itself and can result in a portion of the issues to the system like wasting CPU time, corrupting the data, accessing to secured information and a lot more. There are diverse types of infections like Macro virus, File virus, Boot sector virus, Trojan Horses etc.

As the technologies expand, they have invented antivirus software to come out of virus attack, there are various brands of antivirus software, for example, Avira antivirus, Avast antivirus, Comodo antivirus etc. Among them, Kaspersky antivirus is one of the generally utilized and has picked up the popularity. It is composed by Kaspersky lab to expel all the infections fundamentally from Windows and Mac operating system. Excellent features of Kaspersky antivirus are:

• It gives real-time assurance

• Intelligent scanning and upgrades

• Removes diverse sorts of infections like Macro virus, Boot sector virus, File virus and so on.

• Kaspersky Security Network gives automatic upgrades

Limitations of Kaspersky antivirus

Kaspersky antivirus does not encourage a percentage of features found in Kaspersky antivirus, for example, secure console, individual firewall, Anti-spam, parental control devices and much more.

At times, when Kaspersky antivirus is utilized for scanning process on any contaminated system, if it comes across any infected files it will not see whether the file is essential or not over, it will simply erase. To overcome such sorts of issues the best recovery tool is Remo Recover utilizing which the erased files from might be recovered without any issues and for more clarification visit the site.

General purposes due to which files get deleted from Kaspersky antivirus are:

Presence of contaminated files

Sometimes when the systems are infected with the virus because of unsecured sites, infected storage gadgets and so on, Kaspersky antivirus comes into utilization. While scanning process if it discovers any file contaminated from infection, without former information to the user, it will delete the files.

Inappropriate utilization of options

Kaspersky antivirus gives some of the choices to its user, during the scanning process, selecting inappropriate choice like delete will bring about file deletion.

Why Remo Recover??

Remo Recover is an ideal software that might be used to recover deleted files because of Kaspersky antivirus in a less time. It might be utilized to restore deleted files from any sort of viruses like Macro, Boot sector, Trojan Horses, Worms without any inconveniences. The different operations performed from viruses like cancellation, renaming on records could be retrieved. With the assistance of feature like Save Recovery Session the rescanning procedure of recovered records might be avoided. The free form of the software is accessible to know the usefulness ahead of time. Distinctive operating systems like Windows and Mac can introduce on their computers for simple recovery of deleted files. Remo Recover can additionally be utilized to protect lost files from virus attack on your computer and for more information about recovery process utilize the tagged URL http://www.remorecover.com/windows/how-can-i-regain-my-files-which-i-lost-due-to-virus.html