You may try fixing the issue by making use of Open and Repair feature provided by Microsoft but you are unable to repair the Word files since it is possible that the Microsoft Word files are corrupted. Let’s understand the common reasons that are responsible for Word 2010 Document corruption:

Continuously upgrading the Word files from one version to another is another main reason for corrupting the files

Round tripping your Word Document from one format to another i.e. either DOC to DOCX or vice versa can make your Word file corrupted

Sometimes bad sectors on your hard drive which contain the Word files might corrupt them

Unexpected power failure, Microsoft application crash, software conflicts are few other causes that will cause the corruption of Word documents

So, if your Word files get corrupted because of the above-mentioned reasons or even other reasons which is responsible for corrupting your important Word documents then Remo Repair comes in handy to repair the corrupted files efficiently.

Remo Repair Word: Software for repairing corrupt DOCX file

Remo Repair is useful for fixing all types of DOC and DOCX files. With the help of this utility the DOC files are repaired which is refusing to open because of corruption. It also repairs and recovers text, formatting, OLE objects fields including hyperlinks. Also, compressed Word docs can be repaired securely from this tool.

Sometimes, corrupted MS Word 2010 document refuses to open or become inaccessible then it is fixed by scanning.DOC/.DOCX files with the help of this tool. After repair, the data is stored on a new healthy Word document by keeping the original data unaltered.

During the repair process, the application extracts data from the corrupted Word file and accordingly identifies the issues that are associated with Word file. After that, it fixes them individually by joining them together. This will create a new healthy playable MS Word file.

After completing the repair process, you can preview the lost data that can be recovered from the damaged / corrupt Word file. It is having the capability to fix the Word document even if it is password protected or encrypted. After completing the repair process, you can preview the lost data that has been recovered from damaged/corrupted Word file.

In addition to this, the software supports the latest version of Windows operating system; and the recovered files can be saved to any destination location which is easily accessible from your desktop or laptop.

Remo Repair Word Tool has the following benefits:

Demo Version: This feature enables you to perform proper evaluation of software that means repair Word file before you opt for purchase option

Save Recovery Session: With the help of this option you can save the re-scanning time of the drive that would be helpful after purchasing licensed version

Minimum Disk space: It requires only 50 MB of free disk space in order to install software

Technical Help: Users are supported by technical guidance round the clock that can handle queries associated with the software

User-friendly Interface: Simple user interface assures that there are no hurdles in software installation as well as its usage. The simple steps to fix corrupt Word files can help you to easily resolve damages in the Word file.

Precautionary Steps

Make sure that you backup vital Word files in order to avoid unexpected loss

Don’t abruptly remove your Word files while moving or transferring files from one storage to another

It is advisable that you don’t add any new files to your corrupt or damaged memory card

word-logoHave you received error messages while opening Word files? If yes, then your Word file get corrupted and become inaccessible. It is obvious that you get tensed as it takes plenty of time and effort to create Word files. However, this article will suggest how to overcome above condition and fix corrupt Word file in a simple and effective manner.

Remo Repair Word is a free program used to fix corrupt Word file with few mouse clicks. This software is compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system. It recovers Word file from MS Word 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Using this tool, you can easily repair files from hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive, external hard disk drive, etc. It includes advanced algorithm so that both technical and non-technical users can repair corrupt Word files without any issue.

Features of Remo Repair Word Tool

  • Installed and launched on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Server and Windows 10.
  • Capable in fixing corrupted Word files DOCX from hard drive, external hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive, flash card, etc.
  • Password protected Word files can also be repaired with this software. But you are unable to open the file without that particular password.
  • Demo version of Remo Repair software is available on website so that users can download and repair corrupt Word files for free.
  • Technical support executive is available to support customers while repairing corrupt Word files. You can easily contact support team through phone calls and emails.

 Reasons for corruption of Word Files  

Virus Infection: While downloading Word files from unauthorized sites there are chances for virus infection which later on results in corruption of Word files.

Improper Download: If any error occurs while downloading Word files then your file may get corrupt and you are unable to access data from Word file.

Abrupt Closing of Word File: Due to sudden power failure or low battery, system is turned off abruptly as a result of DOCX file is not closed properly. It may lead to corruption of Word files and user is unable to read data stored in Word file.

Upgrading of MS Office Application: There are lots of version for Microsoft Office with plenty of latest feature. Sometimes older files are not compatible with the newer versions due to which files get corrupt and user is unable to access.

You can use this software to repair corrupt Word files in few simple steps. With the application of this software, you are able to fix corrupt files from hard drive, external HDD, pen drive, memory card, etc.

Most of the computer professionals make use of MS Word documents due to its wonderful inbuilt features which makes it quite easy to complete the task without any complications. According to the Office Word version, the created Word files are saved in .doc and .docx file formats. Though Word is easy to use application, the Word documents are accountable for corruption issues and becomes inaccessible due to different reasons.

Before moving on to any third party applications to fix corrupted MS Word file, you must definitely try these built-in repair options.

There are two default options by which you can access corrupted Word documents:

Word Doc Fix

  • Open and Repair: If your Word file has any minor corruption issues then try this Open and Repair option which is pretty good and without any additional software you can luckily open the corrupted file.
  • Text Recovery converter: This option helps you to recovery any text from the Word file. But it fairy depends on the type of corruption that your file has been suffered

However, if neither of these two methods worked then no need to worry! Only the Word document is corrupted or damaged but not the data that is stored in it. Using the services of Remo Repair Word software, user in no time can repair MS Word file and makes it accessible without any trouble. This utility is specially designed as MS Word file fix tool to get back access to Word files that are inaccessible because of any scenarios.

Take a look at the scenarios in which a Word files gets damaged

  • Damaged header: The header of a particular Word file gets damaged due to macro viruses that easily enter your computer from various sources, thereby makes them inaccessible.
  • Microsoft Word upgrade: If any interruptions like power loss occur when user upgrading a Word application then there are high chances of corruption to Word document which will blocks access to DOC files.
  • Sudden system termination: Abrupt shut down of computer while processing a Word document would severely corrupt the file.
  • OS reinstallation: There might be few chances that the existing Word files may get corrupted while reinstalling Operating System.

Essential backup tips

  • Do not shut down the MS Word application abruptly.
  • Always install trusted anti-virus tool in system to hamper virus infection.
  • Ensure your computer is connected to some good source of power backup like UPS.

Key features of Remo Repair Word software

  • Safely repair MS Word file: Tool easily repairs corrupted doc or docx files by preserving entire original text, images, fonts and even header/footers of the Word documents.
  • Shows repaired Word file preview: Once the scanning process has been completed successfully, you can preview the fixed Word document. This option helps you to decide whether to fix the Word file.
  • Covers entire Word file corruption errors: This utility provides high degree of scalability that is able to resolve all corruption errors related to Word file. Using this program, minor as well as major file corruption issues can be repaired at utmost ease.
  • Do it yourself -User friendly interface: It is very effective wizard to repair MS Word file with its simple and intuitive Graphical User Interface that can be utilized by any common user without requiring any assistance or professional help.
  • Support and compatibility: Toolkit works well and convenient enough to repair MS Word files that are created on MS Word application like 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. Also supports different Windows OS including latest Windows 10 version.

Corruption to Word files is inevitable and there can be various reasons behind it. For an instance consider a Word file which all of a sudden turned corrupt and stopped opening due to some unknown reason. It occasionally opens but shows special characters all over the page. By now you would think that all those hours of work spent to create the Word file are just a total waste and the file is of no use anymore. Not to worry, the file can be easily repaired using repair software like REMO Repair Word. This software uses a Remo repair Word tool which repairs all your severally corrupted Word files with just a few mouse clicks.

Some common scenarios encountered by Word users when the Word file is corrupt:

  1. The file format is shown as unsupported or the file contents are unreadable.
  2. The Word file displays special characters when it’s opened to read.
  3. The Word file opens but the contents never show up.
  4. The user doesn’t get the necessary access permissions to work on the Word file.

Precautions to prevent Word file corruption:

  1. Keep a regular backup of all the important Word files on a separate storage drive.
  2. Perform a regular anti-virus scan on your system using updated anti-virus software.
  3. Save the Word files before terminating the application.
  4. Avoid abruptly turning off the system when the MS Word application is in use.
  5. Avoid interruption of any sort when a MS Word document is being downloaded.

Causes for Word file corruption:

  1. Virus or malware in your system can gain access to your Word files and corrupt them.
  2. Power surge when the Word file is still in use.
  3. The Word file may not have been downloaded completely and using such applications can generate corrupt Word files.
  4. Changing the file formats.

Repair Word Software to fix Word file:

The repair Word software uses advanced and powerful techniques to repair corrupt Word files. This software requires a few mouse clicks to repair the damaged, corrupt Word files. This software is highly recommended by professionals and repairs Word files created on Word 95,96, 2000, 2003, XP and 2010. This software doesn’t change the contents of the original file but rather reads the contents from it to create a fresh new Word file.

this software can repair the corrupt Word files on your Windows based system and if you have any issues then click on

Additional features of this repair tool:

  1. This software supports to mend corrupt Word files present in USB drives, SD cards, external drives, hard drives etc.
  2. It’s easy to run this application on Windows as well as Mac OS.
  3. It has a trial version which can be used to evaluate the performance of the software.
  4. It can fix all Word file attributes like OLE objects, texts, hyperlinks etc.
  5. Compatible with all versions of Windows operating system like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003.

Steps to repair Word files using Remo Repair Word tool:

  1. Download and install the repair Word software on your windows PC or laptop.
  2. Run the software and click on “Browse” button in the main screen of the application.
  3. Select the file which you like to repair and click on “Repair”.
  4. When the repair is completed, you can preview the new file before saving it to any location of your choice on your Windows OS by clicking on the “Save” button.