Fix Pictures Not Showing On SD Card On Camera

SD cards serve as an excellent means to store data on the go. Along with this, it delivers substantial read/write speed. As the SD cards are compact and fit easily on all the major high-end cameras, they are regularly used more than any other storage media. In spite of this, sometimes the SD card inserted into the camera would not show up the pictures available on it. Thus this guide will help you sort out this issue successively by outlining a few effective fixes.

Troubleshoot for pictures not showing up on camera’s SD card

  • Fix 1: Unhide the hidden pictures

There is a malicious threat that is known to attach itself to autorun command of SD cards and other portable devices. This threat hides all the pictures available on the SD card. So you will have to unhide the picture files in order to view them on your memory card. Thus, insert the SD card into a Windows computer and execute the following steps,

  1. At first, press Windows key + R in order to launch Run
  2. Then, type in cmd and hit on Enter
  3. Next, enter the following command within the command prompt,

attrib -h -r -s /s /d l:\*.*

Note: Replace ‘l’ with the drive letter of your SD card

  1. Then, go back to Windows Explorer and then open up the SD card drive. All your hidden files would reappear here
  • Fix 2: Access the SD card pictures directly

The photos present on the camera’s SD card will be located on default path-


Thus you can try to access the pictures directly from the above-given path

Note: “I” represents the SD card drive letter and the DCIM is a folder that contains all your media files.

After trying out above steps, if still, the pictures do not show up on SD card, then there are chances that it’s lost or deleted. In order to restore such lost/deleted pictures, you need to use advanced software Remo Recover Windows-Media Edition on your computer. This application also recovers photos from Digicam, flash drives, hard disk and any other storage media.