Free Tool to Repair Corrupt Word Document

You may try fixing the issue by making use of Open and Repair feature provided by Microsoft but you are unable to repair the Word files since it is possible that the Microsoft Word files are corrupted. Let’s understand the common reasons that are responsible for Word 2010 Document corruption:

Continuously upgrading the Word files from one version to another is another main reason for corrupting the files

Round tripping your Word Document from one format to another i.e. either DOC to DOCX or vice versa can make your Word file corrupted

Sometimes bad sectors on your hard drive which contain the Word files might corrupt them

Unexpected power failure, Microsoft application crash, software conflicts are few other causes that will cause the corruption of Word documents

So, if your Word files get corrupted because of the above-mentioned reasons or even other reasons which is responsible for corrupting your important Word documents then Remo Repair comes in handy to repair the corrupted files efficiently.

Remo Repair Word: Software for repairing corrupt DOCX file

Remo Repair is useful for fixing all types of DOC and DOCX files. With the help of this utility the DOC files are repaired which is refusing to open because of corruption. It also repairs and recovers text, formatting, OLE objects fields including hyperlinks. Also, compressed Word docs can be repaired securely from this tool.

Sometimes, corrupted MS Word 2010 document refuses to open or become inaccessible then it is fixed by scanning.DOC/.DOCX files with the help of this tool. After repair, the data is stored on a new healthy Word document by keeping the original data unaltered.

During the repair process, the application extracts data from the corrupted Word file and accordingly identifies the issues that are associated with Word file. After that, it fixes them individually by joining them together. This will create a new healthy playable MS Word file.

After completing the repair process, you can preview the lost data that can be recovered from the damaged / corrupt Word file. It is having the capability to fix the Word document even if it is password protected or encrypted. After completing the repair process, you can preview the lost data that has been recovered from damaged/corrupted Word file.

In addition to this, the software supports the latest version of Windows operating system; and the recovered files can be saved to any destination location which is easily accessible from your desktop or laptop.

Remo Repair Word Tool has the following benefits:

Demo Version: This feature enables you to perform proper evaluation of software that means repair Word file before you opt for purchase option

Save Recovery Session: With the help of this option you can save the re-scanning time of the drive that would be helpful after purchasing licensed version

Minimum Disk space: It requires only 50 MB of free disk space in order to install software

Technical Help: Users are supported by technical guidance round the clock that can handle queries associated with the software

User-friendly Interface: Simple user interface assures that there are no hurdles in software installation as well as its usage. The simple steps to fix corrupt Word files can help you to easily resolve damages in the Word file.

Precautionary Steps

Make sure that you backup vital Word files in order to avoid unexpected loss

Don’t abruptly remove your Word files while moving or transferring files from one storage to another

It is advisable that you don’t add any new files to your corrupt or damaged memory card