How to Secure Data on a USB Flash Drive

So why do we use USB?

Well, USB drives are small, portable, and handy drives which can perform read operation on any of the devices to which they are connected. Because of all these interesting features, they are widely preferred for transporting data between the system and vice versa. Well, as data transfer is the fundamental operation that needs to be carried out it is mandatory to secure USB flash drive with the hardware and other encryption mechanisms. Here we have discussed what all you can do with your USB thumb drives which make it secure.

Save your data with a password: We highly recommend you to password protect the entire USB stick without making any encryption mechanism. If you want to protect selected files then you can make use of this technique that can be useful for you. For instance, you are using Word then go to Tools > Options and switch the security tab. Here you can enter a password to open and hit on OK. You can further re-enter the password and save the document accordingly.

You can create an encrypted and password protected partition: With the help of reliable tools, you can create an encrypted and password protected partition securely. As these tools will prove to be effective for transferring valuable data from one storage medium to another. Make use of the free trial version and you can create hidden, encrypted, password-protected partition up to 2 GB on your USB flash drive. You can easily access the protected files from your host computer.

Note: No need of additional driver installation for using such types of tools. Just remember to check the reliability of such tools. Once you are done with the creation of password protected and encrypted container on your hard drive, simply access it with the help of .exe icon from the root folder.

Safeguard your USB drive: You can download usbsafegaurd.exe and copy it to your USB thumb drive. Run the flash drive and enter the password for locking the drive. In order to unlock, run the file again and enter the password. In this way, the locking procedure must be repeated whenever you want the drive to be locked or unlocked. You can also change the password every time to restore deleted files from pen drive when you are using the USB safeguard utility.

In case due to any act of ignorance or computer errors if you have lost/deleted important files from USB then you can rely on an advanced tool to get back files from USB on Mac / Windows.