Things You Can Do In iOS 11 That Could Not Be Done Before

After several months of build-up and testing, iOS 11 came up with new features. Well, here are the new things you can do in iOS 11 that couldn’t be done before.

Note: iOS 11 works on 64-bit devices like iPhone 5S or newer, fifth-generation iPad, iPad mini 2, iPad Pro, or newer, or sixth generation iPod. However, the iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, and iPad 4 cannot be updated to use these features.

  • You can get started quickly

Automatic Setup option is available with this new arrival. So, if you have another iOS 11 device around then you can hold it near your new iOS 11 and sync over preferences, iCloud settings, passwords, and much more.

  • Locate apps easily: The app store comes with the new look which is better than previous one. Also, there is a separate Games tab with this new update and it’s adding the how-to guide, lists to the mix and so on.
  • Siri lets you get music and translates: With Siri, now it’s possible to translate in iOS 11 and you can follow the language as required by you. Also, Siri act as a personal DJ so you can tell it to play music as per your choice through Apple Music by telling “Play something which I like”.
  • You can request to Siri by Typing: Rather than speaking you can now type your request to Siri. For this, go to General > Accessibility>Siri in Settings>turn on Type to Siri.
  • Facilitates more option with your Live Photos: With this facility, you can turn mini video clips into loops, you can bounce them back and even forth Instagram style or even create long exposure effect. To see the new options, you need to open a Live Photo in Photos app and swipe up to select your choices accordingly. You can even do a lot of things with your normal photos as it comes with lots of filters. Just tap the color blobs and see them whether you can frame a shot or edit it.
  • You can scan QR codes: Some minor upgrades come with the camera which includes LED flash support for Portrait shots. Also, it includes the ability to scan QR codes without any additional app. For this, go to all-new then separate Camera menu in the iOS 11 Settings and turn the feature on and start scanning.
  • Let’s you to annotate screenshots: As you snap a screenshot in iOS 11, you will get a little thumbnail in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. This can be used to add some text or scribbles before saving it
  • Makes you stay focus while driving: This new update automatically activates your phone’s Do Not Disturb mode while driving and even messages your contacts that you’re on the road. To make it work manually or when a Bluetooth stereo gets connected, go to Settings and opt for Do Not Disturb.
  • Apple Pencil lets you do more: With the Apple, Pencil move along your iPad and get access to few tricks such as to add annotations to PDFs, screenshots. Just start drawing and takes notes by tapping the lock screen with this Pencil.
  •   You can scan and sign documents on iPad: With this, you can scan the document and even lets you crop an image process. Also, lets you add the signature with the Apple Pencil before saving.
  •   Make use of new iPad dock: This new iOS 11 feature comes with the Mac-style dock at the bottom or side of your screen. You can use it to launch apps or to change the window arrangement, switch between the apps and so on. To do this, tap and drag an app or folder icon to add to the dock.