Tool to Restore RAW Flash Drive Files

“Hi, since two years I am using a USB flash drive successfully without any issues. Everything was fine till yesterday, but yesterday night when I plugged it into my system to copy my official files with an intention to finish off the pending work, as error message appeared on the screen stating “There was an error accessing the drive E; The disk is not formatted. To fix the issue, I ran CHKDSK utility, but no use, as it also displayed an error message saying “The type of the file system is RAW, and CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives. How to recover files from RAW flash drive? I need the files in it very badly. Please help me…!”

Apart from professional users, common users are unaware about how the file system play a crucial role in organizing files and folders in USB flash drive. Continue reading to know the reasons behind USB flash drive turning into RAW, and how to fix the issues to recover files from RAW flash drive. Usually, the file system of any device turns into RAW, when the device is severely corrupted. And the flash drive generally gets corrupted due to various reasons, few are mentioned below:

  1. Virus infection to flash drive is one of the vital cause for RAW USB flash drive. Viruses and malware are harmful programs that replicate themselves by making the entire drive data inaccessible.
  2. While transferring data from flash drive to computer or vice versa sudden power outage might corrupt the device making its file system RAW
  3. Incorrect data operations like pulling out the flash drive abruptly from the system when read/write process is in progress, ejecting it from the system without using Safe Remove option, error while converting its file system, interruption while formatting/reformatting the flash drive, etc. are the other possible factors behind RAW flash drive

Besides these reasons, there are many other reasons behind the RAW flash drive. But still, data recovery from RAW USB flash drive is possible with the help of powerful recovery tool like Remo Recover.

RAW USB flash drive data recovery software – Remo Recover!

Remo Recover is a professional data recovery tool that can recover files from corrupted flash drive RAW turned in hassle free manner. This application recovers various types of files such as videos, audio files, photos, documents, and other files from the flash drive having a RAW file system. It has a unique feature that can create a disk image of the RAW drive and later recovers entire files from it with great ease. Furthermore, it has an ability to recover erased or missing files from FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT, and NTFS formatted drives. This software comes out with a simple interface that needs not required any technical knowledge to restore files from the RAW flash drive. Straightaway download and install the free trial edition of this software to recover and preview the recovered files in either “File Type View” or “Data View” that too before purchasing its complete version.

Other features of this software:

  1. Save Recovery Session” feature in the demo version of this software allows you to save the entire recovery process that helps you in avoiding rescanning of the drive again and again. And you can resume this saved recovery session using “Open Recovery Session” while running the full version of the software to save the recovered files.
  2. Apart from the flash drive, it also recovers data from pen drive, memory card, hard drives, FireWire drive, and much more storage devices.
  3. It is compatible with all popular versions of Windows OS including Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and 2008.
  4. This software can create a disk image of the RAW flash drive and later restore the entire files from it thereby ensuring safe and secure data recovery from the RAW flash drive.

Important note:

  1. Do not try to format the RAW flash drive, as the overwriting the files reduces the chance of data recovery
  2. Always use Safe Remove hardware option while ejecting the flash drive from the system
  3. It is safer to install reliable anti-virus software and update it regularly on your system in order to get rid of harmful viruses and malware.